The controversy over a program that protects young, undocumented immigrants from deportation didn’t keep Wenatchee High School’s predominantly Latino Mariachi band from playing in Washington, D.C., this week.

Bitcoin Blows Up And Wenatchee Benefits

Aug 25, 2017

Nearly a decade after its invention, bitcoin, a kind of cryptocurrency, is reaching all time highs. The market price reached a peak today with one bitcoin being worth $4,495.

Esmy Jimenez  talked to the CEO of a bitcoin mining operation here in the Northwest.

Bitcoin is, well, confusing at times. Created in 2008, the network was established as a system to transfer money online and internationally.

Esmy Jimenez / Northwest Public Radio

There are over 60 schools in the U.S. with names tied to the Confederate South. One school, Robert E. Lee Elementary, is right here in the Northwest.

Wildfire Threatens Scores Of Homes Near Wenatchee

Jun 27, 2017
Ben Torkelson / Associated Press


About 80 homes and structures in south central Washington are threatened by a fast-moving wildfire.


One of last summer’s destructive fires in central Washington may have been deliberately set. The Chelan County Sheriff’s Office arrested 37-year-old Jeremy Kendall on Thursday. He faces a charge of first degree arson.

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Alcoa announced Monday it will curtail major parts of its aluminum operations in Wenatchee and Ferndale, Washington. The move will likely leave hundreds of people looking for work.

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In the past two years, four law enforcement departments in Washington state have been suspended from the military surplus program known as 1033.That’s the government program that issues surplus military gear to state and local municipalities who show a need, but some of those weapons have gone missing.

Under the program law enforcement agencies can apply to receive everything from shop Vac’s to Mine Resistant Vehicles. They only need to pay for the cost of shipping.

Anna King / Northwest News Network

Doctors in Wenatchee have been passing out some unusual prescriptions lately – not pills, but mountain hikes. It’s called the Foothills Hiking Challenge. Correspondent Anna King reports.

Smoke, Haze Cover Central Washington

Sep 12, 2012
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A smoky haze is covering much of central Washington Wednesday. At least four significant wildfires are burning around Wenatchee. About 150 homes have been evacuated there, along with another 40 near the town of Cashmere. Fire managers have told even more people to be ready to flee.

Two fires in Central Washington state near the resort town of Wenatchee have merged together. Firefighters are struggling to get the blaze contained.

The Washington Supreme Court ruled Thursday that public libraries may put Internet filters on their computers. Some librarians are cheering the ruling and say it could lead more libraries around the state to limit access to porn and other controversial material.