Bellingham Export Terminal
5:34 am
Wed March 21, 2012

Review Process Kicks Off For Gateway Pacific Terminal In Bellingham

Some protestors wore gas masks in opposition to a proposed bulk export terminal in Bellingham.
Photo by Ashley Ahearn Northwest News Network

BELLINGHAM -- SSA Marine has submitted a permit application to build a bulk export terminal in Bellingham.

If approved, the terminal will be large enough to handle up to 54 million metric tons per year.

That could include wheat and grains but the majority will be coal. It will be delivered by train from mines in Wyoming and Montana – and then shipped out of Washington to Asian markets.


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Washington Government Transparency
5:38 am
Mon March 19, 2012

Washington Scores Well On Transparency, But Up To Citizens To Verify

The Washington Senate chamber and public gallery.
Photo by: Potjie Flickr photostream (Creative Commons licensed)

OLYMPIA -- Washington’s Public Records Act and other transparency measures have earned the state a high score in a nationwide study. The State Integrity Investigation looked at every state’s disclosure practices. It ranked Washington third in the country, with a letter grade of "B-."

But budget cuts are curtailing investigations by government watchdogs. And all three branches of government have tried to put more of their records outside the law’s scrutiny. KUOW’s Amy Radil reports.

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Accused Washington Soldier
5:27 am
Mon March 19, 2012

Seattle Defense Attorneys To Meet With Bales In Kansas

Staff Sgt. Robert Bales
Photo source: High Desert Warrior

FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kansas -- The man accused of killing 16 Afghan civilians has had a brief phone conversation with his wife and two children. But efforts are underway to arrange a face-to-face meeting. That’s according to one of the attorneys for Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales. Correspondent Austin Jenkins reports Bales’ defense team will spend the next two days interviewing him at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

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Workplace Deaths
3:49 pm
Wed March 14, 2012

Washington Workplace Fatalities Fall To Lowest In Decades

Fifty-three people died on the job in Washington state last year. It was the least deadly year in Washington workplaces in three decades.

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Washington Gay Marriage
5:09 am
Wed March 14, 2012

Gay Marriage Referendum 74 Ballot Language Approved

OLYMPIA -- Same sex marriage supporters in Washington state are chalking up a small victory Tuesday. A Thurston County judge agrees with changes they wanted on a possible voter referendum.

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Washington Gay Marriage
5:30 am
Mon March 12, 2012

Wash. Voters May Find Referendum Confusing

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Over the next few months in Washington, someone may approach you with a petition. Opponents of same-sex marriage are trying to force a referendum vote on Washington’s new marriage equality law. There’s also a separate initiative to define marriage as between one man and one woman. Meanwhile, gay rights supporters are also collecting signatures for their own non-binding pledge. Confused? Azusa Uchikura has this voter’s guide.

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Lewis-McChord Afghan Concerns
5:25 am
Mon March 12, 2012

Shock, Concern Are Reactions At Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Private First Class Jeremy Lozano is getting ready for his first deployment to Afghanistan. He anticipates the massacre of innocent civilians will make an already tough deployment tougher. “That’s now more problems that we have to worry about,” says Lozan
Photo by Austin Jenkins Northwest News Network

LAKEWOOD, Wash. – The U.S. soldier who allegedly massacred at least 16 Afghan civilians is reported to be from Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Tacoma, Washington. Soldiers assigned to the base express shock at the violence and concern about retaliation. Correspondent Austin Jenkins reports.

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Washington Gay Marriage
5:20 am
Mon March 12, 2012

Petitioning To Repeal Same-Sex Marriage In Wash. Begins

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Tuesday in Olympia, a county judge will word-smith the ballot language for the a referendum challenging the same-sex marriage in Washington. Christian conservatives want to overturn the legislature’s approval of gay marriage last month.

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National Guard Unemployment
5:17 am
Mon March 12, 2012

National Guard Soldiers Request Deployment In Face Of Job Market

Spc. David Hampton, 21, returned to Hayden, Idaho, in September and is still looking for work.
Photo by Jessica Robinson Northwest News Network

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho - A few months ago, two northwest soldiers returned from Iraq with their National Guard unit. Both started looking for new civilian jobs. Neither is satisfied with what they found. Correspondent Jessica Robinson recently checked in with them and discovered that both soldiers are now thinking about signing up for another overseas tour with the military.

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Washington Helmet Proposal
5:12 am
Mon March 12, 2012

High School Athletics Helmet Proposal Stirs Debate

RENTON -- A proposal to reduce concussions in high school football is creating a lively debate among some of the state’s high school coaches. Monday, that proposal will be a big focus at a meeting of the Washington Interscholastic Athletics Association in Renton. Ruby de Luna has details on the plan, known as Amendment 6.

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