Washington Supreme Court

Racially Polarized Voting?
4:29 pm
Wed September 26, 2012

Was Racially Polarized Voting On Display In Wash. Primary?

Washington Supreme Court Justice Steve Gonzalez
Washington Courts

There’s more evidence that a Hispanic last name on the ballot can hurt a candidate’s chances. A statistical analysis released Wednesday reveals patterns of racially polarized voting in a Supreme Court race on Washington’s August primary.

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Washington's Supermajority Requirement
4:49 pm
Tue September 25, 2012

Wash. Supreme Court Hears Arguments On Two-Thirds For Taxes

The state Supreme Court heard arguments on a challenge to Washington's supermajority requirement for tax hikes.
Washington State Courts website

The fate of Washington’s two-thirds requirement for tax hikes is now in the hands of the state Supreme Court. The justices Tuesday heard oral arguments in a constitutional challenge to the supermajority threshold.

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Executive Privilege In Wash.
4:06 pm
Thu September 20, 2012

Wash. Supreme Court Ponders Executive Privilege

The Washington Supreme Court is hearing a test case of executive privilege.
Cacophony Wikipedia

Does the governor of Washington have the right to keep certain internal documents secret from the public? That question is at the heart of a case heard Thursday in the Washington Supreme Court.

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Warrantless Searches In Schools
5:57 pm
Thu August 2, 2012

Wash. Supreme Court Blocks Warrantless Searches By School Cops

The Washington Supreme Court ruled that police officers working in schools can't search students without a warrant.
Washngton Courts website

A teacher or principal doesn’t need a warrant to search a student. But a police officer working in a school does, according to a new ruling from the Washington Supreme Court.

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