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The director of Washington’s campaign finance watchdog, Evelyn Fielding Lopez, said if she had a do-over she wouldn’t weigh-in on the accuracy of political campaign ads in a hotly contested state Senate race.

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 Nearly a hundred million dollars has gone into this year's elections in Washington state so far.

The race for governor has been the most expensive. But big money is pouring into obscure races too.

A candidate for the post of Lieutenant Governor has raised a record sum for that position.

Nearly half his cash has come from outside Washington state.

The race for Lieutenant Governor is usually kind of a snooze. The incumbent, Brad Owen, has had a lock on the obscure job for the past 20 years.

But Owen announced his retirement this year.

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Washington is the only state that’s legalized recreational pot, yet doesn’t let you grow your own. In Oregon you can grow up to four plants, other states allow up to six. A bill that could go before the state senate next session may change that.

State Senators advanced a bill to increase transparency in Washington labor contract negotiations Tuesday.

Under current law, Gov. Jay Inslee and the state Office of Financial Management negotiate contracts in secret, then lawmakers decide whether to approve them.

Republican Senator John Braun is sponsoring a bill to change that.

It would open bargaining agreements to the public before they are approved.

He says it will speed up the process.

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A Republican coalition has a narrow margin of control in the Washington state Senate. Democrats hope to change that. Millions of dollars are pouring into key races around the state. Just who’s trying to buy your vote?

The 45th legislative district cuts an arc through Kirkland, Woodinville and Sammamish on Seattle’s east side. More money has flooded into this district trying to influence who gets elected state senator here, than anywhere else in Washington. More than two million dollars at last count.

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Republicans say an out-of-state Democratic group is trying to suppress the GOP vote in a hotly contested Washington state Senate race. The state Republican Party filed a formal election complaint against a group called American Values First.