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Storms Could Cause Delays With Washington Ferries

Oct 20, 2017
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The Washington state Ferry System said riders could see short delays as another storm system moves through Western Washington.

The Colville Tribe has convinced the Army Corps of Engineers to help keep a daily ferry crossing the Columbia River in northeast Washington state this spring.

More Delays for Washington State Ferries

Aug 5, 2014
Tom Banse / Northwest News Network

It was another bumpy morning for Washington State Ferries today.

Capacci Says Ferries Back to Normal Saturday

Jul 31, 2014
Tom Banse / Northwest News Network

It's been a rough week for ferry users, but Washington State Ferries hopes to restore its Puget Sound service to normal by Saturday.

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The head of Washington State Ferries says he will step down on April 15th after six years on the job. David Moseley made his announcement Tuesday. His resignation comes as the nation’s largest ferry system continues to encounter choppy seas.

The nation's biggest ferry system is aiming to convert some of its fleet from diesel to natural gas propulsion.

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Last Friday, a large ferry collided with a sailboat, sinking that much smaller craft.