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Washington’s Legislative Ethics Board has fined state Rep. Melanie Stambaugh $5,000 for posting taxpayer funded videos and photos to a campaign-related Facebook page. The Republican from Puyallup said she will challenge the ethics ruling.

Call it the timeshare rule. Washington lawmakers can accept free tickets to this summer’s U.S. Open golf championship -- if they attend a three-hour tour and seminar.

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Washington’s Legislative Ethics Board has capped the number of free meals lawmakers can accept from lobbyists.

Now the Ethics Board will consider whether lawmakers must report those meals. A meeting is scheduled for December 2.

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A Washington lawmaker’s trip to the Middle East in 2013 was legitimate legislative travel – not an illegal junket. That was the ruling over the weekend from the state’s Legislative Ethics Board.

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Starting in January, Washington lawmakers will be barred from accepting more than 12 lobbyist paid meals per year. The state’s Legislative Ethics Board adopted that limit today after months of public hearings and deliberation.

Ethics Board Settles On 12 Lobbyist-Paid Meals Per Year

Aug 19, 2014
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Washington lawmakers will be allowed to accept a dozen lobbyist-paid meals per year but no more. That was the vote Tuesday from the state’s Legislative Ethics Board.

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Washington state law allows lawmakers to accept gifts of food and drink on infrequent occasions. But the word “infrequent” has never been defined.

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How often is “infrequent” when it comes to state lawmakers accepting free meals from lobbyists? Washington’s Legislative Ethics Board spent nearly two hours Tuesday taking testimony on that issue and then grappling with the answer.