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Washington State Senate
8:58 am
Wed October 29, 2014

Who’s Buying the Washington State Senate?

The Andy Hill mask ad.
John Ryan Northwest News Network

A Republican coalition has a narrow margin of control in the Washington state Senate. Democrats hope to change that. Millions of dollars are pouring into key races around the state. Just who’s trying to buy your vote?

The 45th legislative district cuts an arc through Kirkland, Woodinville and Sammamish on Seattle’s east side. More money has flooded into this district trying to influence who gets elected state senator here, than anywhere else in Washington. More than two million dollars at last count.

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Campaign Fundraisers
7:49 am
Mon September 22, 2014

Fundraisers Galore As Washington Campaigns Kick Into High Gear

Washington capitol building.
Credit Creative Commons

The 2014 election is about six weeks away. That means campaigns are kicking into high gear. And asking their funders to help them cross the finish line. Olympia Correspondent Austin Jenkins sifted through dozens of invitations to fundraisers. He gives us a flavor of the campaign events happening Washington.

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Washington Politics
6:48 am
Tue August 5, 2014

California Billionaire Tom Steyer Plans To Help Washington Democrats

Tom Steyer is an American hedge fund manager, philanthropist, and environmentalist. He is founder and former Co-Senior Managing Partner of Farallon Capital Management, LLC and the co-founder of the OneCalifornia Bank, an Oakland-based community development bank.
Credit Tom Seyer / Wikicommons

California billionaire and climate activist Tom Steyer plans to try to help Democrats win back the Washington state Senate. Olympia Correspondent Austin Jenkins received that confirmation yesterday.  

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Seattle Superheroes
4:50 pm
Fri April 26, 2013

Despite Expert Advice, Seattle Won't Sideline Superheroes

Self-declared "superhero" Pheonix Jones
Credit Northwest News Network


An outside review was strongly critical of the Seattle Police Department’s planning and communication during last year’s May Day demonstrations. Police officials say they’ll be much better prepared as May Day approaches this year. But the report also recommended that SPD and the city attorney adopt a strategy to deal with self-declared “superheroes.”

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Democrats Lead WA
6:13 am
Thu November 8, 2012

Washington State GOP Searching Its Soul Over Losses

Democrats in the state of Washington had a very good night Tuesday night. They are now leading in every statewide executive race except one. Republicans don’t have as much to celebrate.

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WA Political Divide
8:35 am
Wed November 7, 2012

Eastern WA's Red Counties Overwhelmed By Blue

This map shows shows Washington's political divide, at least in the open race for governor.
Credit Photo Credit: Washington Secretary of State

Last night’s election put Washington’s electoral map on display. For the most part, western counties near the Puget Sound voted one way, while Eastern Washington voted more conservative on the issues of same-sex marriage, legalizing marijuana and in the race for governor.

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Marijuana Legalized WA
8:15 am
Wed November 7, 2012

Marijuana Proponents Declare Victory

Photo of marijuana plant.
Credit Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Alison Holcomb, lead sponsor of I-502 stated her thoughts on the initiative to legalize marijuana passing.

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WA Attorney General
7:43 am
Wed November 7, 2012

Ferguson Leads For WA Attorney General

Photo of Bob Ferguson.
Credit Photo Credit: Joe Mabel/Wikimedia Commons

Initial election results place King County Council member Bob Ferguson in the lead for Washington Attorney General. Ferguson, a Democrat, gave a tentative thumbs-up during his appearance Tuesday.

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WA First District
7:24 am
Wed November 7, 2012

Del Bene Wins WA First Congressional District

Democrat Suzan Del Bene has won. She beat Republican John Koster in the congressional race for the newly drawn first district. Election returns show Del Bene ahead in three of the four counties.

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Washington Governor Strategy
6:22 am
Wed October 24, 2012

Even With No Electoral College, Statewide Races Have Math To Victory

Photo of Washington State Seal.
Photo Credit: U.S. Government/Wikimedia Commons

In the presidential race, we hear a lot about the electoral map and the math to winning the presidency. It’s all about swing states like Ohio and Florida. At the state level, there’s no electoral college. The candidate with the most votes wins. But there’s still a formula for victory.

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