Washington Caucus

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Presidential candidate Donald Trump is the projected winner of Washington state's republican primary.

He has won 76 percent of votes in the early results, but more ballots need to be counted.

Washington Caucus Shy Of 2008 Record

Mar 28, 2016
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Eight years ago, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama drew 246,000 Washington Democrats – about 14,000 more than Saturday’s contest.

Still, precincts from Seattle to Vancouver reported huge turnout at the Democratic caucus.

Jamal Raad is the spokesman for the Washington state Democratic Party. He says visits from the candidates last week increased interest in the caucus.

“Washington doesn’t usually get this much attention," Raad said. "So, folks were happy that we were in a place in the calendar where a lot of attention was paid to Washington state.”

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton by a wide margin Saturday in Washington state's Democratic caucuses, according to party results.

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Washington state Democrats will hold their presidential caucuses at 10 a.m. Saturday. There they will choose their preferred presidential candidate and elect delegates to the next level. State party chair Jaxon Ravens predicts about a quarter million voters will show up, just shy of the numbers that turned out in 2008.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders campaigned in Washington state Sunday, making his first stop in Vancouver.

He spoke about the need for campaign finance reform, a single-payer healthcare system, student debt, and challenges facing communities of color.

Some 7,500 people waited in the rain for hours in a line that snaked around Hudson’s Bay High School.

“It sounds to me like the people of Vancouver and the state of Washington are ready for a political revolution,” Sanders said as the crowd cheered and waived signs.

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RICHLAND, Wash. – A Benton County Washington Republican is considering a lawsuit because he is so disgruntled over voters being turned away from overcrowded caucuses. This happened in Kennewick on Saturday. Correspondent Anna King explains.

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On the day before Washington’s republican caucus, presidential contender Ron Paul visited Spokane for his second time.

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Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney campaigned before a capacity crowd in Bellevue Friday morning. He urged supporters to take their enthusiasm and use it to help him in the GOP precinct caucuses Saturday.