Keystone Pipeline
5:57 pm
Tue November 18, 2014

Keystone XL Pipeline: Northwest Senators Vote On Party Lines

The U.S. Senate rejected the Keystone XL pipeline plan on Tuesday.
Credit AP Images

Northwest lawmakers voted along party lines as the U.S. Senate voted Tuesday to reject a plan to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline. Fourteen Democrats voted with all 45 Republicans in the Senate to approve it. But it was one vote shy of the amount needed to send the measure to the President. Washington Democrat Patty Murray told her colleagues she was against the pipeline.

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Election 2014
7:18 am
Mon November 3, 2014

Last Minute Tips For Voting In Election 2014

Credit Joe Shlabotnik / Flickr

It’s election week. Here in the Northwest, Washington and Oregon voters will cast their ballots by mail – or drop box. In Idaho, most voters still go to the polls.

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Voting App
6:44 pm
Fri October 24, 2014

New App Lets You See If Your Facebook Friends Have Voted

A new app allows Oregon voters to see if their friends have voted via Facebook.
Credit Highways Agency / Flickr

Here's the latest get out the vote tool: A new app lets Oregonians see if their Facebook friends have voted yet. If they haven't, the app lets the user badger them until they do.

The app is called Did They Vote.

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Voter Participation
4:38 pm
Fri October 10, 2014

Watch Your Mailbox For Ballots, Voters Guides

File photo of Washington voters' guides from the 2012 election.
Credit Washington Secretary of State

Election 2014 is just over three weeks away.

Ballots will soon be arriving in mailboxes in Washington and Oregon where the election is all vote-by-mail. Idaho voters still go to the polls, but about a quarter of Gem State ballots are cast absentee.

Washington state elections director Lori Augino said her office predicts 62 percent turnout for the November election.

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Voter Participation
5:36 pm
Fri September 26, 2014

Higher Than Normal Voter Turnout Predicted For November

Washington's Secretary of State is predicting a higher than usual voter turnout in November's mid-term elections.
Credit hjl / Flickr

Washington state's general election is underway. Although the postmark deadline for mail-in ballots isn't until Nov. 4, 65,000 military and overseas ballots have started going out.  

Washington's Secretary of State Kim Wyman is predicting a higher than usual voter turnout in November's mid-term elections.

Wyman said she expects 62 percent of voters to participate. That compares to 56.4 percent in 2002, the last year mid-term elections without a U.S. Senate race were held.

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Latino Vote
6:29 pm
Mon September 22, 2014

At-Large Elections Just One Barrier To Latino Vote In Eastern Washington

In some Washington cities, Latinos make up 84 percent of the population, but they only cast a quarter of the votes.
Credit Mel Green / Flickr

Last month, a federal judge ruled that Yakima’s City Council elections stifle the voice of Latino voters in the city. But that verdict doesn’t apply to dozens of other places in Eastern Washington where Latinos are just as underrepresented in elected office.

In communities like Othello, leaders are grappling with broader problems of civic education and participation in local government.

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Yakima Voting
4:44 pm
Mon August 25, 2014

Yakima Election Change May Effect Entire Northwest

A recent federal court ruling that orders the city of Yakima to change the way it elects its city council, could have wide reaching effects in the northwest.
Credit Joe Shlabotnik / Flickr

A recent federal court ruling that orders the city of Yakima to change the way it elects its city council could have wide reaching effects in the Northwest.

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Voter Participation
6:08 pm
Thu July 10, 2014

Washington Breaks Own Record For Registered Voters

The Secretary of State's office said the current number of registered voters is even higher than the last milestone set six years ago when there was intense voter interest during the 2008 presidential election.
Credit Christopher Dilts / Flickr

A new record's been set in Washington state for the number of registered voters, 3,922,537. The Secretary of State's office said that's even higher than the last milestone set six years ago when there was intense voter interest.

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Internet Voting
6:53 pm
Tue February 18, 2014

Should Oregon Study Internet Voting?

The Oregon State Capitol
Credit M.O. Stevens / Wikimedia

Oregonians could one day be able to cast their votes through the internet. An Oregon Senate panel Tuesday advanced a measure that would study whether the state should enact online voting. 

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Oregon Voters
4:17 pm
Wed March 20, 2013

Oregon Secretary of State Wants To Automatically Register Voters

Kevin Mooney Northwest News Network

Originally published on Wed March 20, 2013 3:59 pm

SALEM, Ore. - State elections officials in Oregon would use DMV data to automatically register people to vote under a plan presented in Salem Wednesday. Supporters of the idea say it could give Oregon one of the broadest voter registration pools in the country.

In 2012, about 25 percent of those eligible to vote in Oregon did not register. That’s despite the fact that people can register at the DMV, online, or through the mail. Oregon’s Democratic Secretary of State Kate Brown wants to go even further than these existing systems.

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