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Indicted Washington State Auditor Troy Kelley will get to keep his lawyer after a federal judge Friday found no obvious conflict of interest that would preclude Mark Bartlett from staying on the case.

Wash AG Launches New Investigation of State Auditor Troy Kelley

Jun 9, 2015

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced Tuesday that he's opening a criminal investigation into state auditor Troy Kelley.

Kelley has been indicted on federal tax evasion charges and is currently on unpaid leave.

The AG's investigation is separate from the federal charges that Kelley already faces.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson declined to specify what the state investigation entails.

He would only say the investigation will focus on the relationship between Kelley and a former part-time worker at the auditor's office, Jason Jerue.

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Federal prosecutors allege indicted Washington State Auditor Troy Kelley paid his defense attorney out of a pot of money that’s central to his tax evasion case. That allegation is contained in a motion filed in federal court Tuesday. 

Washington Speaker of the House Frank Chopp said “now is not the time” to try to impeach indicted State Auditor Troy Kelley and that it would be a distraction.

Why would someone who had been accused of financial misdeeds run for political office? That’s a recurring question in the case of indicted Washington State Auditor Troy Kelley.

The first-term Democrat is accused of corrupt business practices and tax evasion -- allegations that have dogged him since before he ran for statewide office.

Now, Kelley has pleaded not guilty to federal charges and is on leave.

An impressive résumé

The trial date for Washington State Auditor Troy Kelley was moved Monday from June to January 2016.

A Superior Court judge in Pierce County has ruled that a recall effort against indicted state auditor Troy Kelley cannot go forward.

A search of Washington State Auditor Troy Kelley’s home in March turned up bundles of spreadsheets that appeared to be the kind of documents Kelley said had been destroyed in a 2008 fire.

Federal agents searched Washington State Auditor Troy Kelley’s home in March. Now the results of that search have been unsealed.

In 2012, indicted Washington State Auditor Troy Kelley raised $700,000 for his winning campaign for state auditor. But the bulk of that money -- nearly $500,000 -- came from Kelley himself.