NWPR Favorites: Thanksgiving Recipes

Nov 19, 2015
Alexis Lamster /

If you’re looking for something new to add to the table for Thanksgiving this year, we’ve collected our favorite staff recipes. Ranging from delicious sweet potatoes to mouthwatering pumpkin cheesecake, try some of our favorite main courses, side dishes and desserts.

Scroll through the images above, find your favorites and look below for the corresponding recipes.

Cornish Game Hens by Sue Sheppard, Membership Coordinator


One out of every five cranberries grown in the U.S. is eaten Thanksgiving week, according to industry giant Ocean Spray.

Heid Erdrich's new book Original Local is part cookbook, part memoir and part meditation on the interplay of tradition and fusion in American cooking. Guest host Celeste Headlee talks to the author and poet about the Native American food traditions Erdrich grew up with in the Upper Midwest.

Refrain from Rinsing Raw Poultry

Oct 30, 2013
Northwest Public Radio

  Cooking is part necessity, but it’s also partly cultural. The way we cook says a lot about the societies we live in and the traditions that influence our families.  I know that a lot of what I do in the kitchen is an echo of what my mother taught me. When I crack an egg into a mixing bowl, I scoop out that last little bit of raw egg white in the shell with my finger and scrape it off on the edge of the bowl.

Corinna Nicolaou / Northwest Public Radio

Facing the prospect of a turkey-less Thanksgiving?  Northwest Public Radio commentator Corinna Nicolaou was too when she became a vegetarian. She wondered how the meal could be delicious without meat infused gravy. Then she discovered the secret: vegetarian doesn't have to mean healthy...

You can read more of Corinna's commentary at her blog