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Northwest Public Radio’s Anna King has been honored with two Gracie Awards: the first names her Outstanding Correspondent in public radio; the second recognizes her coverage of last year’s wildfires in central Washington. The awards were announced Monday.

Super Thursday - There is Still Time To Pledge

Mar 17, 2016

If you made a pledge on Super Thursday, thank you so much! We are currently short of our goal of 1,800 pledges. If you meant to make a pledge, there is still time.  Please donate now -- your gift will really make a difference. Thank you so much for your support!

Washington State University announced Monday that our Richland Correspondent Anna King is WSU Woman of the Year for 2016.

Art Blum / Northwest Public Radio

Solar outage time is here again. This occurs twice a year, when the sun moves directly into the line of sight between an earth station and a satellite. When this happens, a station downlink is temporarily unable to receive a satellite signal due to interference from the sun as it passes behind the satellite.

So you may hear your radio signal becoming fuzzy, you might hear static, or the signal may go completely silent.

This spring, the interruptions are most likely between February 28 - March 3, at about 10:38 AM each day.

Submit your question now for  Washington Governor Jay Inslee, then listen to him discuss pressing issues facing the state in the next broadcast of Ask The Governor, Tuesday November 10, 7-8 PM on the NPR and Classical music service, and the NPR News service.

This will also air on KTNW Ch 31 (Tri-Cities) and KWSU Ch 10 (Pullman-Moscow).

Thanks so much to the 2103 listener-supporters who pledged and raised more than $251,000 to support Northwest Public Radio and make this pledge drive a big success! You are such an important part of everything we do.

Exciting new programs are coming your way! You'll also have extra opportunities to hear some of our most popular weekend programs.

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If you made a pledge on Super Thursday, thank you so much! 

 If you meant to make a pledge, please donate now--your gift will really make a difference. Thank you so much for your support!

Daniel Horowitz / NPR

Northwest Public Radio is proud to present Invisbilia, our newest show from NPR. Invisbilia, hosted by Lulu Miller and Alex Spiegel, who helped create Radiolab and This American Life, journeys deep into the human psyche, looking at our hopes, fears, and the science that shapes them. It takes cutting-edge research and turns it into human stories - stories about the most fundamental human thoughts and feelings.