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A group of public media members helped formulate a plan to step up support for Northwest Public Radio and Northwest Public Television during the year-end “time of giving.” Current members aim to sign up 200 new members before December 31.

This is a Walla Walla Valley effort only. Its success could lead other Northwest Public Radio & TV communities to follow Walla Walla’s lead.

Walla Walla Valley loves its public media. 

Give it a future by bringing friends, family and colleagues into the membership.

It’s easy.

It’s important.

It’s time:

Before the next threat to federal funding comes.

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Behind The Mic: Kelly Hilton and Connor Henricksen

Nov 9, 2017
NWPR Staff

“Who’s Behind the Mic?” introduces you to the voices you hear on Northwest Public Radio.

Kelly Hilton

Kelly started listening to public radio when she started working at Northwest Public Radio. She wanted to be part of the team that brings programs to listeners across the region. Now she feels personally connected to the programs, her favorite being 1A with Joshua Johnson.

She likes feeling she is part of something that is accurate, and says “it’s nice to work somewhere there’s an emphasis on accuracy and truth.”

Kelly earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Western Washington University in Bellingham.  Last year she completed another degree, this time from Washington State University, majoring in public relations, with a minor in French.

The daughter of a proud Cougar, Kelly always wanted to study at WSU. It was not a matter of “if” - just “when.” “I just wanted to be sure when I came to WSU I could pay for it myself,” she said.

Kelly began announcing at Northwest Public Radio during her senior year at WSU and managed to do it while raising two children, now ages 13 and 20.

“I have not taken a nap since 2004,” Kelly says, laughing.

She may not nap much, but she reads a lot. She has zero social media and no TV, but is the proud owner of a big collection of books. Her family has a tradition of reading together:  she has one book club and reading series with her children, and a separate one with her parents. 

Walla Walla loves its public media. Give it a future by bringing friends and colleagues into the membership. It's easy. It's important and it's time. Before the next threat to federal funding comes. 

Come to the Walla Walla Country Club Wednesday, Nov. 8th at 5:30 pm. This is a friend-raiser, not a fundraiser. You will receive your 'Many Hands' packets which has everything you need to get an old friend to be a new member.

Your donation now celebrates 35 years of Inland Folk With Dan Maher.   

Pledge online or call 1-800-842-8991.

Thanks to more than 1,400 listeners who made a pledge during the fall pledge drive.  You helped  raise over $215,000 to support the programs you rely on every day.   If you meant to make a pledge,   you can always donate to make certain  you continue to hear programs that feed your mind and spirit.

Problems with Listen Live in Windows 10?

Apr 20, 2017

If you're having trouble streaming our Listen Live service on Windows 10, please see below for a possible solution to your problem. Windows 10 default program "Groove" is not compatible with our Listen Live service. If the file is only opening with "Groove", follow the instructions to open the file with a compatible program. For most people, this is Windows Media Player. VLC Media Players is also a compatible program.

Since the Trump Administration released its proposed budget in mid-March, listeners and viewers have been asking a vital question: What does this mean to Northwest Public Radio & Television? Truthfully, we can’t be sure of an answer, because the president’s budget is the first step in a long process that Congress will undertake.

What we do know is that federal funding is vital to Northwest Public Radio & Television.

Live Election Coverage From NWPR and NWPTV!

Nov 4, 2016

Election results are already beginning to trickle in, and that's just going to speed up as we move into the afternoon and evening. That's why Northwest Public Radio and Northwest Public Television will be working together to make sure you're up-to-date on the local and state races you care about across the Northwest.  Join us election day starting at 5 pm  for live election results on Northwest Public Radio and You can find results live here.

We have received pledges from listeners and supporters in the cities pinned on the map below. If you don't see your hometown, make your mark by pledging now!

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Sincere thanks to everyone who pledged during the fall pledge drive. With your help we raised nearly $235,000 dollars from more than 1,800 pledges. Thank you for your support and for allowing Northwest Public Radio to provide you with the programs that keep you informed, engaged and entertained. 

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New Program Schedule Begins July 9

Jul 5, 2016

Which is more dangerous, a gun or a swimming pool? Why do drug dealers still live with their moms?

Those are the kinds of unexpected questions asked by unconventional economists Stephen Dubner and Steven D. Levitt. Their bestselling book Freakonomics was so popular, it spawned a blog, a documentary film, lectures, a pair of pants – and a radio show. It joins the lineup of exciting new programs on NWPR, along with The New Yorker Radio Hour, Philosophy Talk, and an expanded Sunday Baroque.

Northwest Public Radio’s Anna King has been honored with two Gracie Awards: the first names her Outstanding Correspondent in public radio; the second recognizes her coverage of last year’s wildfires in central Washington. The awards were announced Monday.

Super Thursday - There is Still Time To Pledge

Mar 17, 2016

If you made a pledge on Super Thursday, thank you so much! We are currently short of our goal of 1,800 pledges. If you meant to make a pledge, there is still time.  Please donate now -- your gift will really make a difference. Thank you so much for your support!

Washington State University announced Monday that our Richland Correspondent Anna King is WSU Woman of the Year for 2016.

Ask The Governor: Tonight, 7-8 PM

Nov 10, 2015

Submit your question now for  Washington Governor Jay Inslee, then listen to him discuss pressing issues facing the state in the next broadcast of Ask The Governor, Tuesday November 10, 7-8 PM on the NPR and Classical music service, and the NPR News service.

This will also air on KTNW Ch 31 (Tri-Cities) and KWSU Ch 10 (Pullman-Moscow).

Thanks so much to the 2103 listener-supporters who pledged and raised more than $251,000 to support Northwest Public Radio and make this pledge drive a big success! You are such an important part of everything we do.

New Program Schedule Begins June 29

Jun 15, 2015

Exciting new programs are coming your way! You'll also have extra opportunities to hear some of our most popular weekend programs.

Summer 2015 Program Schedules:

NPR and Classical music service 

NPR News service

New programs: 

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If you made a pledge on Super Thursday, thank you so much! 

 If you meant to make a pledge, please donate now--your gift will really make a difference. Thank you so much for your support!

Daniel Horowitz / NPR

Northwest Public Radio is proud to present Invisbilia, our newest show from NPR. Invisbilia, hosted by Lulu Miller and Alex Spiegel, who helped create Radiolab and This American Life, journeys deep into the human psyche, looking at our hopes, fears, and the science that shapes them. It takes cutting-edge research and turns it into human stories - stories about the most fundamental human thoughts and feelings.

Sueann Ramella Steps Away From The Morning Edition Chair

Nov 26, 2014
Sueann Ramella

Before you read this, Sueann wants you to listen to this:

That's how she wants to be remembered. Rapping awkwardly and hitting her head against the mic.

But here's how we'll remember her.

After almost 15 years on the air, Sueann Ramella is stepping away from the mic - temporarily, to spend more time with her young family. While you won't be hearing her, you will still be able to enjoy her subtle style and mischievous wit as she continues to help guide our social media platforms.

Remembering Tom Magliozzi, Beloved Tappet Brother

Nov 4, 2014
Richard Howard

Tom Magliozzi who, along with his brother Ray, hosted NPR’s hit comedy show Car Talk for the last 37 years, died Monday morning, November 3, 2014, from complications of Alzheimer’s Disease. “Turns out he wasn’t kidding,” said Ray. “He really couldn’t remember last week’s puzzler.” • • • Tom Magliozzi was born June 28, 1937, in an East Cambridge, Massachusetts neighborhood filled with other Italian immigrant families. It was there that he and his younger brother Ray picked up the uniquely Boston-Italian style of expressing affection through friendly insults and teasing.

Thank you to the more than 2,200 listeners who generously became sustaining members, new members or renewed pledges. If you didn't get a chance to pledge yet,  there's still time. Pledge here.

Super Thursday Success!!

Mar 27, 2014

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PLEDGE! Twelve and a half  hours – that’s all the time it took to reach the Super Thursday goal of 2,000 pledges!

We're receiving Super Thursday pledges from all across the Northwest, and beyond! We made a map to show you where our pledges are coming from. 

On Thursday, April 24 at 7:30, join Northwest Public Radio at the Broadway Center for the Performing Arts in Tacoma, for a live taping of From the Top! Get your tickets now.

Wenatchee, Chelan Signals Experiencing Problems

Mar 8, 2014

The transmitter serving Wenatchee and Ellensburg on 90.7 is running at low power and the signal is very weak. As it serves as the audio source of KHNW 88.3 in Chelan/Waterville/Manson, that signal is also compromised.

Engineers are unable to access KNWR to investigate and fix this problem, because the road tothe transmitter site is impassable due to deep snow and ice. They're keeping a close eye on temperatures, and as soon as warmer temperatures allow access, they are ready to take the snow cat up the mountain.

As soon as we reach the goal of  2,000 pledges, we'll end the fund drive.  Just ZERO more and this drive will be OVER! Thank YOU.

 Your pledge now will take this drive one step closer to ending early.

Thank you for listening to Northwest Public Radio, and for your generous support!

New Programs on News Service Sundays

Jan 6, 2014

With listener feedback as our guide to this year’s program changes, some new and exciting programs have joined the Sunday lineup on the NPR News service, while reducing the number of repeat broadcasts.

NWPR Launches Jazz Station

Nov 1, 2013

Northwest Public Radio is now in the jazz business, with a third program stream airing on its newest station, KJEM.  (LISTEN). Click here for current on-air playlist.