How The Northwest Started Loving Coffee

Mar 10, 2015
Benjamin Morris / NPR

Seattle is known for its love of coffee but as Pacific Northwesterners know, it's a passion not unique to the West Side. So how did coffee become such a Northwest staple?

Starbucks may be the first entity people think of as an answer to this question. And although Starbucks did play a significant role in the eventual coffee craze, the Northwest’s history with the beverage goes deeper than that.

Starbucks Rolls Out Calorie Counts Nationwide

Jun 18, 2013
4028mdk09 / Wikimedia Commons

Starbucks patrons across the country will soon be seeing what King County customers have seen for years – calorie counts listed next to drink and pastry items. The coffee chain says it will display the calorie content on menu boards and bakery cases starting across the country next week.

Deborah Wang / KUOW

Starbucks holds its annual shareholders' meeting in Seattle on Wednesday. And on the agenda, a proposal from a group of investors that's meant to limit the company's involvement in political campaigns.

Photo credit: Postdlf / Wikimedia commons

SEATTLE, Wash. -- A group that opposes same-sex marriage is taking its boycott of Starbucks to the other side of the world. The National Organization For Marriage is upset that the Seattle-based coffee chain has come out in favor of legalizing gay marriage in Washington state as well as nationally.