same-sex couples

Same-Sex Marriage
6:08 am
Mon December 10, 2012

One Of Spokane's First Same-Sex Married Couples Say "I Do"

Sunday was the first day marriage certificates were signed in Washington state since the passing of the same-sex marriage law. One Spokane couple said “I Do” to each other for the second time.

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NW Rural Gay Community
7:00 am
Mon November 26, 2012

Rural Gay Community Living Out in Open

Joe Palisano and Tom Bry have a farm just south of Sandpoint, Idaho.
Credit Photo Credit: Jessica Robinson

Washington legalizes same-sex marriage next month at a time when the geography of the Northwest’s gay and lesbian population is changing. Their numbers are still largest in metropolitan areas. But if you look for the biggest increases – that trend is happening in small towns and rural areas. In Idaho more gay and lesbian couples are making a choice that was once unthinkable in rural areas -- they’re living openly.

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Marriage Referendum Mailer
5:58 am
Tue October 16, 2012

Same-Sex Marriage Mailers Raise Eyebrows

Some senior citizens in Washington recently got a flyer in the mail from supporters of same-sex marriage. It says approval of Referendum 74 will preserve domestic partnerships for seniors. Gay marriage opponents call the ad a misleading scare tactic. KUOW’s Liz Jones takes a closer look at that claim.

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Senior Citizens
7:18 am
Mon January 30, 2012

Retirement Options Limited For Gay And Lesbian Seniors

PORTLAND - As gay and lesbian people age, their need for retirement options mirrors those of the general population. But they often face unique challenges, especially when it comes to finding housing. For instance, some active-living retirement facilities don't allow unmarried couples to live together. And some gay seniors fear a cold shoulder from staff or fellow retirees. Correspondent Chris Lehman reports.

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