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Same-Sex Marriage
4:36 pm
Wed June 4, 2014

U.S. Supreme Court Won't Block Oregon Same-Sex Marriage

The U.S. Supreme Court won't block same-sex marriages in Oregon.
Credit Daderot / Wikimedia

The U.S. Supreme Court won't block same-sex marriages in Oregon. The high court Wednesday turned down a request to halt gay marriages in the state.

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Anti-Discrimination Law
6:02 am
Wed May 21, 2014

Idaho City Narrowly Upholds Gay Rights Law In Closely Watched Vote

An effort to overturn one Idaho city's gay rights ordinance appears to have failed – but narrowly. The anti-discrimination law in Pocatello was upheld Tuesday night by a projected margin of 90 votes.

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Gay Rights
6:16 pm
Mon May 19, 2014

Pocatello Vote Seen As Test Of Gay Rights Measures In Idaho

The Pocatello City Council hears testimony from gay rights supporters at one of several public hearings in April 2013.
Credit Jessica Robinson / Northwest News Network

Voters in Pocatello in southeast Idaho are deciding the fate of the city’s non-discrimination ordinance Tuesday. Pocatello one of seven cities in Idaho that have passed laws aimed at protecting gay, lesbian, bi and trans people. This is the first time one of these measures has been put to a popular vote.

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Same-Sex Marriage
6:11 pm
Mon May 19, 2014

Judge's Ruling Clears The Way For Same-Sex Weddings In Oregon

Jammie Russell and Michelle Hatfield were one of the first same-sex couples to apply for a marriage license in Marion County.
Credit Chris Lehman / Northwest News Network

Same-sex couples can now marry legally in Oregon. A federal judge today overturned the state's ban on gay marriage. Weddings began almost immediately.

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Same-Sex Marriage
5:52 pm
Wed May 14, 2014

Federal Judge Turns Down Attempt To Intervene In Gay Marriage Case

Supporters of same-sex marriage gathered outside the federal courthouse in Eugene.
Credit Chris Lehman / Northwest News Network

A federal judge in Eugene has denied a national group's attempt to defend Oregon's ban on same-sex marriage. U.S. District Judge Michael McShane ruled Wednesday that the National Organization For Marriage failed to prove why it should be allowed to intervene in the case.

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Same-Sex Marriage
4:51 pm
Mon May 12, 2014

Hearing Could Provide Answers In Oregon Gay Marriage Debate

Ben West, right, and Paul Rummell are two of the plaintiffs who sued the State of Oregon to overturn a 2004 ballot measure.
Credit Amanda Peacher / OPB News

Wednesday could be a big day in the fight to legalize same-sex marriage in Oregon. A federal judge in Eugene will hear arguments from a group that wants to defend a voter-approved ban on gay marriage.

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Gay Rights
5:59 pm
Fri May 2, 2014

Gay Rights Advocates Gear Up To Fight Potential Ballot Measure

Gay rights advocates are waiting for a ruling from a federal judge on whether same-sex couples can get married in Oregon.
Credit Chantal Andrea / Wikimedia

Gay rights advocates are waiting for a ruling from a federal judge on whether same-sex couples can get married in Oregon. Those same advocates are also launching a campaign to defeat a potential ballot measure they say would discriminate against gay couples planning a wedding.

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Oregon Gay Marriage
6:57 am
Tue April 22, 2014

National Group Attempts 11th-Hour Intervention In Oregon Gay Marriage Case

This altered version of the American flag, sometimes called "the Freedom Flag," has been used to symbolize gay and lesbian pride since the 1970s. The different colors symbolize the diversity in the LGBT community.
Credit DBKing and AgnosticPreachersKid

A national group that opposes same-sex marriage is trying to intervene in a case scheduled to go before a federal judge in Oregon this week.  Gay rights advocates are denouncing the effort.

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Idaho Gay Rights
6:56 am
Tue March 18, 2014

Multiple Protests, Arrests, But Is Idaho Any Closer To Gay Rights?

"Add the Words" protesters encircle the upper level of the rotunda at the Idaho Capitol. They put a hand over their mouth to symbolize how they've been "silenced" by lawmakers, who have declined to hold a hearing on an anti-discrimination bill.
Credit Jessica Robinson

This winter, protests hit the Idaho Capitol at a level rarely seen in Boise. Gay rights activists blocked entrances and were marched away in handcuffs. They want Idaho's Republican-controlled legislature to pass an anti-discrimination law similar to those in Oregon and Washington. It would make it illegal for employers, landlords and most businesses to discriminate based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Lawmakers plan to wrap up the session this Friday without ever printing the bill.

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Gay Rights
5:53 pm
Thu February 27, 2014

In Wake Of Arizona Veto, Similar Measures Considered In Northwest

In Oregon, a religious group is attempting to get a measure on this November's ballot that would allow people to refuse to participate in a same-sex ceremony if doing so would violate their religious beliefs.
Credit Chantal Andrea

Amidst the debate over the now-vetoed Arizona bill that would have protected businesses that refuse to serve gays and others for religious reasons, gay rights groups in the Northwest say similar legislation could surface here.

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