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Donald Trump's campaign has confirmed the Republican presidential nominee is coming to Western Washington for a fundraiser and a rally next Tuesday. There were rumors the campaign swing to the Northwest might not happen after Trump cancelled a similar stop next week in Portland.

On a cold January morning, a posse led by a former Army company commander named Matt Shea rolled into the Harney County Courthouse and wanted to speak to the sheriff.

But this wasn’t a group of militants, or outlaws. They were state lawmakers from four western states, including Oregon. Most of them were members of a group called the Coalition of Western States, or COWS.

Washington lawmakers are in contempt of court over school funding. But it’s a couple of non-funding issues that could create a partisan rift.

Office of the Governor of Washington State / Clint Didier campaign

You don’t have to study the 4th district congressional race for very long before hearing a familiar theme. “Meet Conservative Dan Newhouse, a Central Washington farmer,” begins one campaign ad. “Clint Didier’s not a career politician! He’s a farmer, and a businessman,” says another.

Washington’s top-two primary system has given voters the choice between two Republican farmers. Clint Didier raises alfalfa on the plains near Pasco; Dan Newhouse grows hops and tree fruit in the Yakima Valley.

Office of the Governor of Washington State - Clint Didier campaign

Washington States Fourth Congressional District race is, for the first time, between two Republicans, Dan Newhouse and Clint Didier.  They are vying to take the seat of retiring congressman Doc Hastings.  Northwest Public Radio’s Rowan Moore Gerety spoke with Here and Now’s Jeremy Hobson about the race.

Austin Jenkins / Northwest News Network

This November’s election will decide who controls the Washington state Senate. Democrats are desperate to win back the majority while a mostly-Republican coalition, that took power last year, is determined to hold on.

In the meantime, big money interests on both sides are trying to influence the outcome. They’re pouring unlimited contributions into political action committees controlled by the legislative caucuses.

Targeting a 'maverick' senator