pullman assault

Lucrezia Cuen

Some describe it as a sixth sense, others might call it magic, but whatever it is called, the fine-tuned instinct that some 911 operators develop is extraordinary. Our reporter Lucrezia Cuen takes us into the heart of an emergency response center to meet some of these 911 operators whose talents save lives.

New Developments In David Warner Assault Case

Apr 15, 2013
WSU News Center

There’s been a new twist in the assault case of Washington State University professor David Warner.  Police say they are widening the focus of their investigation to include the professor’s companion on the night of the March 30th attack. The man, identified as 31-year-old Lawrence McDonald, is a martial arts expert and volunteer coach of the WSU tae kwon do club.

Two Final Suspects Arrested In Pullman Assault

Apr 12, 2013
Northwest Public Radio

All four suspects sought in the assault case of a WSU professor have now been arrested. The two final suspects were arrested Friday morning.