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Parents in Washington state may notice another measurement along with their students’ state test scores. The student growth percentile (SGP) is meant to compare a child’s learning to their peers, but critics say it may not work.

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Now that the class size Initiative 1351 has been passed by voters, school administrators and government officials are scrambling to figure out how to implement it. 

Teacher Aurora Cruz at McClure Elementary school in Grandview paced beside the blackboard and asked her fourth grade students to open their library books.

“Diego! Book!” Cruz said sharply when one student was slow to heed her instructions.

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Washington voters are likely to pass a class-size measure that comes with a multi-billion dollar price tag.

Now, Washington lawmakers will have to figure out how to fund it. Or muster the votes to amend it.

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A statewide initiative to reduce K-12 class sizes is too close to call in early returns: 50.6 to 49.4 percent, with the "no" votes slightly ahead.