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Oregon Wildfires
7:41 am
Fri September 19, 2014

Oregon Lawmaker Chides Congress For Not Giving More Money For Fighting Wildfires

Fires burn near Ashland, Oregon.
Credit The National Guard / Flickr

More than fifty fires continue to burn in the West. Efforts this summer to change how the federal government pays for fire suppression hasn't moved forward. And that has one Oregon lawmaker speaking out.

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Reaction To Syria
6:36 pm
Wed September 4, 2013

Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio's Reaction On Syria

Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio.
Credit United States Congress / Wikimedia Commons

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a measure today giving President Barack Obama the authority to carry out a strike on Syria. This comes after allegations that chemical weapons were used by the Syrian government. 

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Oregon Legislature
4:48 pm
Mon August 19, 2013

Oregon Congressman Hopeful About Bill That Will Raise Revenue For Counties

Congressman Peter DeFazio says despite a "do-nothing Congress" he expects his O & C legislation will pass in the House and Senate this fall. The Springfield  Democrat spoke with reporters Monday.

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U. S. Postal Services
5:43 pm
Tue April 30, 2013

DeFazio Rallies In Salem For U.S. Postal Service Legislation

Credit Coolcaesar / Wikimedia Commons

U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio and a group of Oregon state lawmakers are pushing for federal legislation they say would avoid the need for postal service cuts.

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Forest Management Bill
5:37 pm
Thu April 11, 2013

Reps Defend Bill For Southern Oregon Harvests

Oregon Congressmen urged colleagues to consider a new plan for forest management in Southern Oregon.
Credit Jsayre64 / Wikimedia Commons

Three Oregon Congressmen urged colleagues Thursday to consider a new plan for forest management in Southern Oregon. Their bill aims to stave off insolvency in some communities.

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