Oyster Bed Pesticides
6:52 am
Mon May 4, 2015

Shellfish Growers Decide Against Spraying Oyster Beds

Credit Masaaki Tsuyuguchi / Flickr

Shellfish growers in Washington’s Grays Harbor and Willapa Bay are canceling plans to spray their shellfish beds with pesticides. The state granted the growers the permits to spray last month, prompting a public outcry.

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Herbicide Cancer Risk
5:56 pm
Fri March 27, 2015

Farmworkers Subject Of Concern After Roundup Cancer-Risk Report

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the weed-killer Roundup that may be capable of causing cancer in humans
Credit Binsar Bakkara / Associated Press

An international report on the health risks of a commonly used herbicide is raising special concerns about farmworkers and cancer.

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the weed-killer Roundup. A study by the World Health Organization has found limited evidence that glyphosate is probably capable of causing cancer in humans.

Chuck Benbrook studies pesticides at Washington State University. He said the new report could be bad news for farmworkers.

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Pesticide Restriction
8:50 am
Wed December 3, 2014

How One Complaint Reveals The Flaws In Oregon’s Pesticide Regulation

Helicopters help spread weed killer after logging to effectively regrow trees, but people in Gold Beach, Oregon say they were poisoned by the pesticides.
Credit AP Images


Forest owners in the Northwest use helicopters to spray weed killer after logging. It is an effective way to kill plants like blackberry and alder that compete with the next crop of tree seedlings. But it is controversial.

Last year people near the coastal Oregon city of Gold Beach claimed they were poisoned. State officials and timber lobbyists blamed that incident on mistakes by the pilot. But sometimes, communities report drift even when timber companies appear to be following the rules.

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Northwest News
7:23 am
Thu August 14, 2014

Oregon Lawsuit Challenges Protection For Farming, Forestry

John and Barbara Burns. Burns says he felt symptoms similar to a sinus infection he attributes to herbicide exposure.
Credit Amelia Templeton / EarthFix

A group of Southern Oregon residents who complained pesticide spraying made them sick has now filed a lawsuit in Curry County circuit court. For EarthFix, Tony Schick reports.

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Pesticide Restriction
5:15 pm
Mon February 10, 2014

Oregon Lawmakers Back Away From Bill To Restrict Some Pesticides

Oregon may join Washington in backing away from a proposal to protect bees by restricting certain pesticides.
Credit Jessica Paterson / Flickr

This week, Oregon may join Washington in backing away from a proposal to protect bees by restricting certain pesticides. An Oregon legislative panel is set to amend a measure Tuesday that would instead create a task force to study the possibility of future restrictions.

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Bee Deaths
5:48 pm
Fri December 20, 2013

Penalties In For Wilsonville Bee Deaths

Penalties are in for a company implicated in the deaths of bumblebees in Oregon earlier this year.
Credit Andreas. / Flickr

Penalties are in for a company implicated in the deaths of bumblebees in Oregon earlier this year. The Oregon Department of Agriculture has issued civil penalties to the pesticide company and its employees.

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Pesticide Restriction
5:15 pm
Fri November 22, 2013

Oregon Restricts Pesticides Linked With Thousands Of Bee Deaths

The Oregon Department of Agriculture is restricting the use of two pesticide ingredients to protect bees and other pollinators.
Credit Jon Sullivan / Wikimedia Commons

The restrictions apply to the pesticide ingredients dinotefuran and imidacloprid. Officials say they believe those ingredients killed more than 50,000 bumble bees earlier this year when they were sprayed on trees that have their own natural toxicity.

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Pot Pesticide List
6:24 pm
Wed August 7, 2013

Pesticide List For Pot Earns Praise

Credit Austin Jenkins / Northwest News Network

The state of Washington has compiled a lengthy list of pesticides for marijuana growers to use, even though these chemicals are not officially approved for pot. The new list is part of the state’s ongoing effort to regulate the production of legal, recreational marijuana.

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Bee Die-Off
4:33 pm
Fri June 21, 2013

Eugene Non-Profit Works to Ban Pesticide Responsible for Major Bee Die-off

Credit Ernie / Wikimedia Commons

An estimated 25,000 bumblebees were found dead in a parking lot in Wilsonville this week. The Oregon Department of Agriculture has confirmed the killer is an insecticide recently sprayed on nearby Linden trees.  In Eugene, an effort is underway to stop the use of the chemical in city parks.

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Honey Bees
5:44 pm
Tue April 30, 2013

Washington State Pressed To Save Honey Bees By Restricting Pesticides

Tom Banse Northwest News Network

Originally published on Thu May 2, 2013 5:10 pm

For about seven years, many Western beekeepers have been plagued by unexplained die-offs in their hives. It happened recently to Mark Emrich.

"I was doing great until about five weeks ago," he says. "Then I came down and opened up the hives and I had five dead boxes of bees. That was a huge hit."

He lost one third of his production on his small farm near Olympia.

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