Rae Ellen Bichell / KPLU

When you think organic you probably visualize crisp, sweet-smelling veggies and fruit. But it turns out that fresh food is often grown in some pretty foul fertilizer. In fact it’s so bad it’s been known to make farmworkers gag. Now, as correspondent Anna King found out, there’s one new sweeter-smelling organic option developed right here in the Northwest.

Northwest Growers Worry About Antibiotic Ban

Apr 29, 2013
Anton Lefterov / Wikimedia Commons

For more than a decade, organic apple and pear growers could spray antibiotics on their orchards to treat a virulent disease known as fire blight. But that practice will soon be banned. Some Northwest growers worry without antibiotics in their arsenal, they may have to leave the organic business.

Anton Lefterov / Wikimedia Commons

Not all organic food is created equally. Unlike beef or chicken, apples and pears can be certified as organic, even if they’re treated with antibiotics to prevent disease. Food safety groups are meeting this week in Portland to petition against the practice.