Oregon Bald Eagle Recovery
5:21 pm
Fri March 9, 2012

Oregon Removes Bald Eagles From Threatened List

Bald eagle in flight. Oregon's population has recovered in recent years.
Photo credit: USFWS USFWS

Bald eagles are no longer considered threatened by the state of Oregon. The state's Fish and Wildlife Commission voted Friday to remove the iconic bird from the state list of endangered species.

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Rural School Aid
5:12 am
Fri March 9, 2012

Secure Rural Schools Amendment Passes US Senate

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Oregon Senators, Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, have secured their colleagues' support of several million dollars in aid to counties in timber country. As Oregon Public Broadcasting's April Baer reports, the Senate voted 86 to 12 in favor of an amendment to extend the Secure Rural Schools Act.

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Meat Substitutes
6:13 am
Thu March 8, 2012

Real Or Fake? New Meat Alternatives Strive To Make It Hard To Tell

Turtle Island Foods founder Seth Tibbott examines freshly made Tofurky Italian sausages.
Phot by Tom Banse Northwest News Network

HOOD RIVER, Ore. -- Northwest-born Gardenburger and Tofurky are vegetarian alternatives to meat. They sell well, but they don't fool any meat lovers. This year, food companies from here and abroad aim to debut fake meat products that come closer than ever to mimicking the real thing. Dutch researchers claim they can grow hamburger in the laboratory from just a few bovine stem cells. But are people really craving a Petri-patty? Correspondent Tom Banse explores that question.

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Afghanistan Withdrawal
6:04 am
Thu March 8, 2012

Oregon And Washington Senators Want An Earlier Afghan Exit

U.S. Soldiers depart Forward Operating Base Baylough, Afghanistan, June 16, 2010, to conduct a patrol. The Soldiers are from 1st Platoon, Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment.
U.S. Army DoD photo by Staff Sgt. William Tremblay

All four U.S. Senators from Oregon and Washington and 20 of their colleagues are asking the Obama administration for an expedited end to the war in Afghanistan. Two Republicans and one Independent Senator are part of the group. Some Democratic Senators declined to sign the letter.

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Oregon Candidate Filing
6:28 am
Wed March 7, 2012

Filing Day In Oregon Paints Bleak Picture For GOP

SALEM, Ore. -- Candidate filings are in for Oregon's May primary. As Oregon Public Broadcasting's April Baer reports, Republican candidates will be scarce in some statewide races.

The state Republican party hasn't found candidates to run for State Attorney General or State Treasurer. A Republican surgeon from Bend, Knute Buehler, will run for Secretary of State against incumbent Democrat Kate Brown, who faces a primary challenge from Paul Damian Wells.

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Oregon Legislative session
3:37 pm
Tue March 6, 2012

Kitzhaber Praises Legislature

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber signs two measures into law, as lawmakers from both parties look on.
Photo credit: Chris Lehman Northwest News Network

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber is heaping praise on the legislature for its just concluded 2012 session. The Democratic governor saw lawmakers pass all four of his major policy initiatives, including three on the final day of the session Monday. Kitzhaber was surrounded by lawmakers from both parties in his office Tuesday as he signed two of those measures into law.

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Oregon Foreclosure Bill
6:06 am
Tue March 6, 2012

Oregon Lawmakers Agree On Foreclosure Bill

The Oregon State capitol building.
Photo by M.O. Stevens Wikimedia Commons

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon lawmakers wrapped up their 2012 legislative session after dark Monday night. One of the last bills they signed off on was a measure to slow the pace of home foreclosures. Salem Correspondent Chris Lehman reports.

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Oregon Timber Counties
5:53 am
Tue March 6, 2012

Cash-Strapped Timber Counties Get Spending Flexibility

SALEM, Ore. -- Oregon lawmakers have passed legislation to help six southern Oregon counties that are near insolvency. The bill allows the counties to dip into money currently socked away in road maintenance funds. Amelia Templeton reports.

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Ore. Legislatured
5:07 pm
Mon March 5, 2012

Oregon Lawmakers Approach Adjournment

Oregon Legislature is close to ending its session.
Photo credit: M.O. Stevens Wikimedia commons

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon lawmakers appear to be on track to wrap up their legislative session Monday evening. A budget committee approved a package of measures Monday afternoon designed to bring the current spending plan back into balance. There are no new taxes and public schools are shielded from further cuts.

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Ore. Legislature
5:47 pm
Fri March 2, 2012

Tempers Flare As Oregon Session Continues

The Oregon State Capitol Building in Salem, Oregon.
Photo credit: Wikimedia User Aboutmovies Wikimedia Commons

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon lawmakers will return to the capitol on Monday to try once again to wrap up their legislative session. Things got testy Friday as lawmakers differed on whether to keep working or adjourn for the weekend.

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