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Walden Introduces Bill To Expedite Reforestation In The Gorge

Sep 11, 2017

Oregon Republican Congressman Greg Walden introduced a bill to Congress Friday to expedite salvage and reforestation projects in the Columbia River Gorge and other National Scenic Areas after catastrophic events like the Eagle Creek Fire. That blaze, which ignited Sept. 2, is now the nation's top priority wildfire and is burning more than 33,000 acres in the Gorge.


The total solar eclipse is two months away. Scientists shared their excitement at a NASA briefing Wednesday, but transportation officials in Oregon, and other states the eclipse will pass over, are bracing for cosmic traffic jams.


The 79th session of the Oregon legislature kicks off Wednesday with a flurry of activity. It's the first day of a session that's expected to last through early July.

After more than a decade of construction, a section of U.S. Highway 20 in Oregon's Coast Range is now open to traffic. But work isn't done on the project yet.

Oregon's political and business leaders agree on the need to pass a state-funded transportation spending package. But they don't agree on how soon it should be approved.

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Tillamook County declared an emergency Wednesday after storms triggered several landslides and widespread flooding on coastal roads.

Highway 101 is closed in Tillamook and several other locations.

County Commissioner Tim Josi said authorities have had to close roads between 75 and 100 times.

"There’s just a lot of damage out there that needs to be dealt with," Josi said. "It’s going to be in the millions of dollars. So, it was pretty easy for us to declare a state of emergency and ask for assistance."

When you buy gas for your car, you're paying a flat, per-gallon tax. But Oregon is starting a new program July 1 that would change things.

Oregon is looking for volunteers for a new pay-by-the-mile tax.

The Oregon Department of Transportation may lose a vast amount of institutional knowledge in the coming years. That's according to an audit released Tuesday by the Oregon Secretary of State. And the report questions whether ODOT is doing enough to retain that knowledge of how to design and build roads. Salem Correspondent Chris Lehman reports.

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Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber says he's prepared to pull the plug on the Interstate 5 bridge replacement mega-project. The Democrat told Oregon lawmakers Monday that he'll put the Columbia River Crossing on an indefinite time-out if they don't act by mid-March.

Oregon Department of Transportation

Two passenger trains commissioned by the state of Oregon are months behind schedule. The trains were due to arrive nearly two months ago and enter service this fall at a cost of $36 million. But they haven't even left the factory in Wisconsin yet.