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Port Of Longview Rejects Oil Refinery

Feb 23, 2016
Allison Frost/OPB

Port of Longview commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to end talks with an energy company that wants to build the first oil refinery on the west coast in more than 25 years.

Conrad Wilson / OPB

A new oil refinery is the last thing you might expect Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s administration to be courting. After all, Inslee has developed a national reputation as a champion of curbing the use of fossil fuels.

And yet, Inslee’s administration has worked for months to facilitate such a project along the Columbia River.

Walter Siegmund / Wikimedia Commons

The agency that investigates chemical accidents, the Chemical Safety Board, spent almost four years examining the causes of the deadly explosion. In their new report, they say Tesoro became complacent about cracks in equipment that caused flammable leaks. Don Holmstrom with the Chemical Safety Board says there also needs to be more regulatory scrutiny.

There are now 15 confirmed deaths in the oil train explosion that rocked a small town in Quebec Province over the weekend.

The tragedy has given the commissioners of the Port of Vancouver in Washington pause as they consider a proposal for a terminal to move oil from trains onto ships. Ashley Ahearn reports.

Oil Trains On The Rise In The Northwest

Dec 5, 2012
Photo Credit: Carl Chapman/Wikimedia Commons

Regulators in the region are weighing the potential impacts of trains full of coal moving along the Columbia River and the shores of Puget Sound. Meanwhile, trains full of Oil are quietly on the rise.