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Spectrum glass, based in Woodinville, Washington, is one of three top art glass producers in the region. It's a competitor with Portland's Bullseye Glass, and a sometime collaborator with another Portland firm, Uroboros.

Pasco Frozen Foods Company Lays Off Hundreds

May 12, 2016
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A company in Pasco that recalled hundreds of frozen vegetable products after a Listeria outbreak -- has had to lay off over 240 of its employees.

Washington State Auditor Troy Kelley is back on the job after his federal criminal trial. And he’s firing back at Gov. Jay Inslee.

Last week Kelley asked for the resignation of his chief of staff and chief spokesman. Inslee demanded an explanation for the firings. Now Kelley has responded.

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The ballots have both the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates on them, even though the Democrats already held their caucus a couple of weeks ago.

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Washington lawmakers want to step up efforts to keep lead out of school drinking water. The state won't pay for school water quality tests until at least fall of 2017.

Drivers on Interstate 90 through eastern Washington won’t be able to legally go 75 miles per hour. That was the announcement Wednesday from the Washington Department of Transportation, the State Patrol and the state’s Traffic Safety Commission.

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The Warrenton-Hammond School Board on the northwest Oregon Coast voted unanimously Tuesday night to remove Native American symbolism from its school mascots. The Warrenton Grade School Braves will get a name change and the high school "Warriors" logo will be redesigned. The small coastal district is among the first to come into line with a new state policy

When apparent Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump did a pre-primary campaign swing through the Northwest last weekend, he hopped between Eugene, Spokane and Bellingham aboard a Boeing 757 emblazoned with the word TRUMP in capital letters.

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American honey bees don’t do well in winter. It's a serious problem for beekeepers. They experience their biggest losses during winter – and beekeepers lose about a third of their bees every year. We recently looked at efforts to help bees thrive by changing land management practices. Now, researchers at Washington State University and beekeepers in the state are working to help bees withstand the cold and survive the winter. 

The race to become Oregon's next secretary of state is heating up. The three Democratic candidates in this month's primary are trading barbs after one of them received a huge contribution from a New York billionaire.

And no, it's not Donald Trump.