Northwest News

4:58 pm
Wed March 25, 2015

Polluting Grain Facility In E. Wash. Proposed For Superfund Cleanup

Stock photo of a grain facility.
Credit Flickr

A grain handling facility in Eastern Washington has been leaking chemicals into the only source of drinking water for a local school district. The Environmental Protection Agency now wants to add it to the Superfund list of hazardous waste cleanup projects.

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International Environment
4:15 pm
Wed March 25, 2015

Oregonian Wins International Environmental Prize

NOAA administrator Jane Lubchenco, former Oregon State professor attends the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement signing in 2010. Lubchenco has won one of the world's premiere environmental awards.
Credit Michael Lloyd / Associated Press

An Oregon State University professor has received one of the world’s most prestigious environmental prizes.

Jane Lubchenco was named Tuesday as one of two recipients of the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement. The international award is given for leadership in conservation and sustainability.

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Sexual Assault
4:09 pm
Wed March 25, 2015

Oregon Lawmakers Consider Stronger Confidentiality Laws For Rape Victims

Sexual assault survivor Brenda Tracy speaks with reporters following a rally at the Oregon state capitol in Salem.
Chris Lehman Northwest News Network

Originally published on Wed March 25, 2015 4:07 pm

Oregon lawmakers want to make it easier for survivors of sexual assault on college campuses to get the support they need.

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Bowe Bergdahl
3:46 pm
Wed March 25, 2015

Bergdahl's Home Town Quiet On Desertion Charges

One faded yellow ribbon remains at Zaney's cafe in Hailey, Idaho. The cafe was awash in yellow ribbons and Bowe Bergdahl posters during his captivity.
Jessica Robinson Northwest News Network

Originally published on Wed March 25, 2015 5:19 pm

The home town of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is quiet Wednesday now that the former P.O.W. is charged with desertion.

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Bowe Bergdahl
3:07 pm
Wed March 25, 2015

Former Taliban Captive Sgt. Bergdahl Charged With Desertion

File photo of Bowe Bergdahl at his graduation from U.S. Basic Training.
Bergdahl family

Originally published on Wed March 25, 2015 12:55 pm

The Army has charged Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl of Idaho with desertion, intent to shirk duty and misbehavior before the enemy by endangering soldiers' safety. Bergdahl could face a life sentence.

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Japanese Flags Returned
7:12 am
Wed March 25, 2015

Aging U.S. Veterans Seek To Return Captured WWII Flags To Japan

U.S. Army veteran Buck Weatherill brought this flag home from WWII.
Rex Ziak

Some aging veterans of World War Two are embarking on one more mission related to that long ago war. In some cases, wives or children are taking on the mission if the vet has passed away. The object is to return Japanese flags taken as war souvenirs from Pacific battlefields.

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Spokane Profiling Commitee
6:58 am
Wed March 25, 2015

No Racial ‘Profiling Problem’, But Spokane PD Forms Committee Anyway

A graph of Spokane police contacts in March of 2015.
Credit Paige Browning / Spokane Public Radio

Spokane police have reacted quickly to a new report that shows racial disproportion in the rate of arrests. The city’s police and committee on multicultural affairs have formed a work-group to address why people of color are arrested at higher rates.

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Timber Payments
5:43 pm
Tue March 24, 2015

County Timber Payments May Get Extension

The Secure Rural Schools Act provides payments in lieu of taxes for timber-dependent counties in Oregon and other states.
Credit Sean Mack / Wikimedia Commons

Oregon's congressional delegation is hoping to secure a two year extension of timber payments to rural counties. The Secure Rural Schools provision is in a bill the U.S. House is voting on this week.

The Secure Rural Schools Act provides payments in lieu of taxes for timber-dependent counties in Oregon and other states.

Oregon Democratic Congressman Peter DeFazio said this bill helps counties while lawmakers try to find a long term solution to funding shortfalls.

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Earthquake Early Warning
5:35 pm
Tue March 24, 2015

Democrats Want More For New Earthquake Early Warning System

The warning system uses sensors to detect the initial waves of an earthquake.
Credit Andy Maguire / Flickr

Congressional Democrats from up and down the West Coast are asking the House Appropriations Committee to allocate more money for a new earthquake early warning system.

The warning system uses sensors to detect the initial, less destructive, waves of an earthquake. So it doesn't give much advance notice -- between a few seconds and a minute.

But politicians argued that's enough for a doctor to stop a complicated surgery, a train driver to put on the brakes, or a family to move away from the windows.

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Powdered Alcohol
5:26 pm
Tue March 24, 2015

Washington Lawmakers Consider Banning Powdered Alcohol

Palcohol creator Mark Phillips pours the powdered alcohol equivalent of one shot of vodka into a glass in a promotional video on the company's website.

Originally published on Tue March 24, 2015 5:05 pm

A bi-partisan group of lawmakers in the Washington legislature launched a move Tuesday to ban powdered alcohol.

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