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Rowan Moore Gerety / Northwest Public Radio

In the Northwest, the supply chain for wild mushrooms--which can fetch upwards of $100 a pound in Paris or Tokyo--invariably begins on a dirty folding table on the side of a backwoods highway.

Austin Jenkins / Northwest News Network


Federal prosecutors allege indicted Washington State Auditor Troy Kelley paid his defense attorney out of a pot of money that’s central to his tax evasion case. That allegation is contained in a motion filed in federal court Tuesday. 

Two branches of the federal government struck a deal Tuesday on when to clean up radioactive sludge near the Columbia River.

State Senators advanced a bill to increase transparency in Washington labor contract negotiations Tuesday.

Under current law, Gov. Jay Inslee and the state Office of Financial Management negotiate contracts in secret, then lawmakers decide whether to approve them.

Republican Senator John Braun is sponsoring a bill to change that.

It would open bargaining agreements to the public before they are approved.

He says it will speed up the process.

The Washington state Department of Corrections has contracted with The GEO Group, Inc, a Florida-based private prison company, to house up to 1,000 prisoners in Michigan to ease overcrowding.

Supporters of a proposal to extend paid sick time to most Oregon workers say the legislation has stalled.

Rowan Moore Gerety / Northwest Public Radio

Hongueros, or mushroom pickers, have their share of tense encounters in the woods: with cougars and bears, and sometimes, with competing pickers who threaten to call border patrol.

Austin Jenkins / Northwest News Network


The clock runs out Thursday on Washington’s 30-day special session of the legislature. There are indications the pace of budget negotiations has picked up. But a second special session is still likely. 

Dean Jackson / Flickr


Drought conditions are getting worse in Washington state.

Tuesday, lawmakers will decide whether to provide emergency funding to the state’s hardest-hit areas. Snowpack levels are lower than ever, rivers are drying out and irrigation districts are cutting off water to farmers.

Beth Redfield

The call of the open road beckons to electric car owners now that Washington and Oregon have completed their portions of the West Coast Electric Highway. That's a network of rapid recharging stations to enable long distance electric-powered travel. The system could eventually stretch from British Columbia to Baja California. The far end for now is in Brookings, just shy of the Oregon-California border. We sent correspondent Tom Banse out on a road test.