National Guard

Ted S. Warren / AP Images

The Oregon Governor’s office says the state military is not permitted to arrest or detain people based on their immigration status. 

The battle continues to contain dozens of large wildfires burning across the Northwest. Firefighters are hoping for a break in the weather this weekend -- and perhaps even some rain.


Firefighters are gaining control of the Canyon Creek Complex. It’s still growing, but there’s little danger to homes as most of the blaze is moving into the wilderness. In John Day, Oregon, Ashley Stewart reports.

Officials say firefighters made “great progress” overnight. The blaze has grown slightly to more than 69-thousand acres. Now, it’s 23 percent contained – that’s up from 17 percent on Saturday. For now, most homes are safe as the wildfire moves away from town and into the county’s wilderness area.

The Army is deploying 200 soldiers to help fight wildfires that are burning through about 1.1 million acres across the Western United States. That's according to a press release from the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho.

"It's been nine years since wildfire was so widespread all at once that active military troops joined firefighters battling blazes," NPR's Howard Berkes reports. "Four military C-130 cargo planes are also in use as air tankers."