Mt. Hood

A historically strong El Niño is taking shape according to climatologists watching the Pacific Ocean. Scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said during a briefing Thursday that the current El Niño has the potential to develop into one of the most potent on record by late fall or early winter.

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The U.S. Forest Service is developing a rule that would let it decide whether the media could film in wilderness areas, or take photos there. Broadcasters say the rule gives the government too much control over the content of news stories.

The Forest Service would issue permits based on the potential impact to wilderness areas as well as the story topic.

A fee of up to $1,500 could also be required to receive a permit.

Ron Pisaneschi is the general manager of Idaho Public Television. He says he and other broadcasters are prepared to fight the rule.

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A proposal to put mountain bike trails on Mount Hood slopes is being slowed by an expanded environmental review. The study will gauge the trails' effects on federally protected steelhead.

How Rain Strengthens The Cascades Snowpack

Nov 22, 2013

Recent rainfall is hurting Northwest ski areas’ chances of fully opening by Thanksgiving. But the rainclouds have a silver lining. Rain in the Cascade Mountains may help reduce avalanche danger.

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Explorers have discovered more than a mile of caves underneath a glacier on Oregon’s Mt Hood. Melt water and warm air has created vast caverns in the ice. They’re the largest known glacier caves in the US, outside Alaska. A survey team is using the caves to measure how much the inside of the glacier is melting each year. It's a dangerous work, but it could reveal that some alpine glaciers are shrinking faster than anyone realized.

Mt Hood National Forest Withdraws Thinning Sale

Dec 12, 2012

The Mt. Hood National Forest has withdrawn a decision to thin trees in the upper Clackamas River watershed. Reporting for EarthFix, Amelia Templeton has the story.

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MT. HOOD, Ore. -- Researchers at Oregon State University think they have figured out why Mt. Hood doesn’t erupt with the same bang and violence as other Cascade volcanoes. Amelia Templeton reports.