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DSHS Adds Psych Beds
7:52 am
Wed October 29, 2014

Washington DSHS Gives Progress Report On Psychiatric Boarding

The state has had a shortage of psychiatric beds for years and it’s making progress by adding psychiatric beds to comply with a court mandate.
Credit tahitianlime / Flickr

The state says it’s making progress in adding psychiatric beds to comply with a court mandate.

For years the state has had a shortage of psychiatric beds. As a result, patients with severe mental illness end up in emergency rooms until space at a psychiatric facility becomes available.

In august the state supreme court ruled that this practice of psychiatric boarding is unconstitutional. The court gave the state until December 26th to expand its inpatient capacity.

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Government and Politics
6:37 pm
Fri September 5, 2014

Washington Supreme Court Grants 120-Day Stay In Psychiatric Boarding Ruling

File photo of the Washington Supreme Court chambers.
Credit Washington Supreme Court

The state of Washington now has until the end of the year to stop “boarding” mental health patients in non-psychiatric hospital beds. The Supreme Court Friday granted a 120-day stay in a ruling that declared the practice of boarding illegal.

This basically buys the state some breathing room. The Department of Social and Health Services will now have until December 26th to open 145 new psychiatric beds across the state. Governor Jay Inslee has freed up $30 million for the effort. As of late last month, about 200 patients were being boarded in non-psychiatric beds.

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Health And Medicine
4:04 pm
Fri August 29, 2014

Lawyer Argues State Had Time To Prepare For Boarding Ruling

Washington State is now scrambling to find beds in certified mental health facilities for around 200 involuntarily committed patients.
Credit Fotos GOVBA / Flickr

A lawyer for psychiatric patients who successfully challenged a practice known as “boarding” says the state of Washington doesn’t deserve extra time to start following mental health laws.

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Psychiatric Boarding
6:12 pm
Mon August 25, 2014

Washington Supreme Court Puts Hospital Boarding Decision On Hold

The Washington State Supreme Court put a hold on a recent ruling that says it’s illegal for the state to “board” psychiatric patients in non-psychiatric hospital beds.
Credit Jason Rosenberg / Flickr

The state of Washington will not have to start discharging severely mentally ill patients starting this week. On Monday, The Supreme Court put a hold on a recent ruling that said it’s illegal for the state to “board” psychiatric patients in non-psychiatric hospital beds.

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Psychiatric Boarding
7:50 am
Mon August 25, 2014

Washington Seeks Emergency Stay On Psychiatric Boarding Ruling

Credit Wikimedia Commons

The Washington Supreme Court recently ruled it’s illegal for the state to “board” mental health patients in emergency rooms and regular hospital beds. The state of Washington said late Friday it can open 145 new psychiatric beds, but it needs some additional time. The Attorney General has now asked the Supreme Court to “stay” its ruling for 120-days.

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Idaho Medicaid
7:41 am
Mon August 25, 2014

Medicaid Payment Woes Plague Idaho Mental-Health Providers

Taylor Moore, a 30-year-old Boise resident with a mental-health diagnosis, reads questions on a vocational-rehab services application at the library in Downtown Boise, with assistance from Maegan Wagner, his community-based rehabilitation services worker through Idaho Behavioral Health. The agency has experienced a pattern of problems over several months getting paid for a variety of services, sometimes getting pennies back on a $100 claim. Optum Idaho said it has corrected the problem.
Credit Darin Oswald / Idaho Statesman

The state’s effort to rein in Medicaid costs has created deep friction between small businesses that deliver behavioral-health services to Medicaid patients and a new contractor hired to manage them.

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Psychiatric Boarding
5:25 pm
Thu August 14, 2014

Wash. Must Find 200 Beds For Psychiatric Patients

Washington state has been sending involuntarily committed mental health patients to regular hospitals and acute care centers unlawfully.
Credit Fotos GOVBA / Flickr

The state of Washington is scrambling to find beds by Aug. 27 for an estimated 200 mental health patients by Aug. 27. That's when the state must comply with a Washington Supreme Court ruling that said detaining psychiatric patients in emergency room beds is unlawful.

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Mental Health Boarding
3:02 pm
Thu August 7, 2014

Washington Supreme Court Affirms Mental Health ‘Boarding’ Unlawful

The Temple of Justice in Olympia.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

The practice of “boarding” mental health patients in hospital emergency rooms is unlawful. That’s the unanimous ruling Thursday from the Washington Supreme Court. The justices upheld a lower court ruling in the case of 10 psychiatric patients. They were involuntarily detained under state law and then placed in non-psychiatric beds. Emily Cooper is an attorney with Disability Rights Washington. She calls the ruling a victory for severely mentally ill patients.

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Washington Prisons
5:16 pm
Thu July 3, 2014

Washington Prisons Will No Longer Punish Inmates For ‘Self-Harm’

The Department of Corrections said that it will no longer sanction inmates for cutting or other acts of self-injury.
Credit Ben / Flickr

Washington’s prison system has announced a major policy change when it comes to inmates who harm themselves. The Department of Corrections said Thursday that it will no longer sanction inmates for cutting or other acts of self-injury.

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NWPR Books
12:16 pm
Sun June 29, 2014

Author Plumbs The Human Psyche Through 'Animal Madness'



Oliver was anxious all the time. He demonstrated compulsive behavior, and he howled every time his parents left him alone at home. Oliver was a dog - a Bernese Mountain Dog.

But he, like many animals, displayed some amazingly human psychological traits. That was the inspiration for Laurel Braitman's new book. It's called "Animal Madness." It looks at the mental states and behaviors of animals and how they sometimes mirror our own. Laurel Braitman joins me now from KQED in San Francisco. Welcome.

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