Legacy Associates

"We appreciate everything public radio gives us..."

Feb 2, 2016
Courtesy of the Fordans

"To us, donating through our [Revocable Living Trust] has helped us feel better knowing that some things we loved in life can benefit others for a long time to come. We appreciate everything public radio gives us - all the hours of staying informed, the entertainment, the music, and all the other things public radio brings to its listeners. We want future generations to experience the same, and so in our small way we will help that happen."

Paulette and Robert Fordan

Howell at the Moon for NWPR

“Without public support the station wouldn’t survive. And it brings information to our community that we would not get otherwise. I feel so strongly about Northwest Public Radio that I’ve included it in my estate planning. So when I’m no longer here, and can no longer go out and watch the Apple Sox play, part of my estate will go to help support Northwest Public Radio. It, again, is one of the things that makes our community a great place to live.”

Jim Corcoran Owner and General Manager
Wenatchee Apple Sox Baseball Club