Labor Dispute

Strike Ends
4:26 pm
Wed December 10, 2014

UO Graduate Teaching Fellows Call Off Strike

The Graduate Teaching Fellows at the University of Oregon called off their strike today after reaching a tentative agreement with administration. Bargaining teams worked through the night. the GTFs were on strike for 8 days.

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UO Grad Strike
4:39 pm
Mon December 8, 2014

UO Grad Students In Second Week Of Strike

The University of Oregon gave its faculty options for administering finals and giving grades during the second week of a labor strike.
Credit Rick Obst / Flickr

It's finals week at the University of Oregon and Graduate Teaching Fellows are in their second week of a labor strike.

University of Oregon spokeswoman Julie Brown said with Graduate Teaching Fellows on strike the school is giving faculty options for administering finals and giving grades.

"In some cases, finals are continuing as have been planned all term. In other situations, students may have the option to be able to take the grade earned on coursework to date," Brown said.

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Port Slowdown
4:41 pm
Fri November 14, 2014

Luxury Car Part Factory Shut Down 3 Days As Materials Stalled In Tacoma

The SGL carbon fiber plant in Moses Lake, Washington, had to shut down production for three days this week.
Credit SGL Group

A slowdown at West Coast ports has started to stifle the flow of goods in and out of the Northwest. Apple, hay, and potato farmers said they’ve been having a hard time getting their harvest to foreign buyers because of port congestion. And the delays are now hitting luxury car parts.

A facility in Moses Lake, Washington, that makes carbon fiber elements for BMWs had to shut down production for three days this week.

The German company that owns the facility said the problem was at the Port of Tacoma.

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Grain Terminal Agreement
4:50 pm
Tue August 12, 2014

Tentative Agreement Announced In NW Grain Terminal Dispute

Since July, the United Grain terminal in Vancouver has only made a few shipments because Washington state grain inspectors stopped crossing a picket line set up at the port by the union.
Credit Sam Churchill / Flickr

Grain export companies and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union say they’ve reached a tentative labor agreement that could end a lockout at Portland and Vancouver ports.

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Boeing Strike
6:26 am
Wed February 20, 2013

Boeing Engineering Strike Seems Less Likely

A strike by Boeing's engineering union appears less likely.

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Grain Terminal Dispute
6:19 am
Fri December 28, 2012

NW Wheat Growers Hope For Resolution At Grain Terminals

Northwest wheat growers are hoping for a swift resolution to a labor dispute that could keep their grain from reaching the world market. Grain terminals remain open in Portland, Vancouver and Seattle, even though the terminals' owners have implemented a contract offer unionized longshoremen rejected. Jessica Robinson has more.

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Longshore Union Negotiation
6:23 am
Thu November 29, 2012

Parties On Standby In Grain Terminal Labor Dispute

Talks between some northwest grain shippers and a handful of longshore unions have paused. From Oregon Public Broadcasting, April Baer reports the two sides are trying to work through contract talks that have the potential to bottle up grain exports to Asia.

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