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Ever wonder what goes bump in the night? The Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute (PCEI) is holding its annual Animals of the Night to allow people to experience the sights and sounds of nocturnal creatures.

Of all the things you're considering for your next meal today, bugs are probably not on the menu.

How would a man in a suit of armor go to the bathroom? That inquiry into medieval sanitation is just one of many unlikely topics that have come up around Sarah Albee's dinner table. Albee, a children's book author, has been trying to get middle schoolers interested in history. Her strategy is to look at it through the lens of something that gets kids' attention, namely: things that are gross.


Northwest researchers are teaming up to stop an invasion of stink bugs moving across the region. The bugs, which can smell like dirty gym socks, ruin tree fruit and grape vines. Those crops are vital to Northwest agriculture.

After The Fire, Bring On The Bugs

Oct 1, 2012
Photo Credit: USDA

Charred Northwest forests are already a-buzz with new life: bugs.

Photo credit: Normanack / Flickr

Here come the bugs. It was a warm winter in the southern half of Idaho, in Montana and points east. That means insects are emerging earlier and will have longer breeding seasons.