Initiative 502

Ryan Kang / Associated Press

Washington authorities are accepting applications for new marijuana retail licenses. Gone are the license quotas and lotteries used to award licenses when marijuana was first legalized. Now, there are no limits on the number of licenses to be granted.

When I-502 was first implemented, state regulators made a map, with a certain number of marijuana stores anticipated in each city or county. Licenses were highly sought after. But when state legislators opened the licensing process to medical marijuana businesses in the spring, they lifted those quotas.

Carline Jean MCT / Landov

The nonprofit community health centers of Washington are concerned about the latest action by lawmakers dealing with money from marijuana sales in the state.

Initiative 502, which legalized recreational marijuana, mandated that 5 percent of tax revenues from pot sales go to nonprofit community health centers.

But the public policy director for Community Health Network, Molly Belozer Firth, said the House and Senate have both proposed budgets that divert that money elsewhere, rather than to what they see as a priority, serving the uninsured.

Brennan Linsley / Associated Press

The city of Vancouver, Wash., already has two retail marijuana stores with another on the way. At some point, it’s possible the city could have as many as six.

“That’s what our future looks like,” said Vancouver Councilman Jack Burkman. “We’re going to have a number of these.”

He said increasing the prevalence of pot in the city is certain to have a cost.

“We don’t know what all those impacts are but we believe there are going to be impacts on police. There’s going to be impacts on education,” he said.


Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson is seeking to get involved in three lawsuits against cities that ban marijuana businesses.

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