Idaho Government Accountability
5:18 am
Mon March 19, 2012

Idaho Nearly Fails Government Accountability Report Card

The inside of the Idaho State Capitol Dome.
Photo by Eric Hunt Wikimedia Commons

BOISE, Idaho – A new investigative project ranks Idaho 40th out of 50 states for government accountability and openness. The Gem State fails six categories outright, including ethics enforcement agencies. As Scott Ki reports, The study comes out Monday as state senators investigate one of their own.

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Idaho Bullying Law
5:03 am
Fri March 16, 2012

Schools May Have To Do More To Help Bullied Students

BOISE, Idaho -- Idaho’s public schools may have to do more when it comes to stopping bullying. The state Senate approved legislation Thursday that would require schools to give tools to teachers on how to spot and stop bullying. It also says school employees must intervene if bullying happens.

Democratic Senator Nicole LeFavour told her colleagues there was a real need for this bill.

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Wolf Conservation Appeal
5:10 am
Thu March 15, 2012

Whats Next for Wolves After Court Decision

BOISE - The wolf hunt in Idaho will continue through June in part of the state. That’s because the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Wednesday upheld Congress’s decision to strip federal protection for wolves in Idaho and Montana. Aaron Kunz has reaction to the decision.

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Idaho Resources
5:22 pm
Wed March 14, 2012

Idaho Lawmakers Okay State Control On Gas Developments

Idaho State to take control of all oil and gas developement.
Photo credit: Wikimedia user Elwood J Blues Wikimedia Commons

BOISE – Idaho lawmakers signed off Wednesday on a plan that limits local control of oil and natural gas development. Even supporters say this legislation isn’t perfect.

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National Contraception Policy
5:11 am
Wed March 14, 2012

Idaho Lawmakers Weigh In On National Contraception Policy

The Idaho State Capitol Building.
Photo by Mark Kobayashi-Hillary Wikimedia Commons

BOISE, Idaho -- Some Idaho lawmakers are weighing in on a national debate over whether religious institutions should be required to provide birth control coverage to employees. Samantha Wright reports.

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Idaho Caucus
3:42 pm
Wed March 7, 2012

Smooth Sailing For Idaho GOP At First Caucus

Results for Idaho Republican caucuses by county. Counties in orange show a win for Romney, gold for Paul, green for Santorum.
Graph credit: Gage Wikimedia commons

BOISE - Idaho Republicans held their first presidential caucus Tuesday. Mitt Romney won big and it was mostly smooth sailing.

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Idaho Caucuses
6:38 am
Wed March 7, 2012

Romney Takes Idaho, Helped By Mormon Vote

Idaho Republican voters confirm their registration at a presidential caucus site Tuesday night in Rathdrum, Idaho.
Photo by Jessica Robinson Northwest News Network

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho - Mitt Romney took the state of Idaho Tuesday in the state’s first-ever presidential caucus. The former Massachusetts governor won with 61 percent of the vote. Correspondent Jessica Robinson has more.

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Idaho Caucuses
6:34 am
Wed March 7, 2012

High Turnout, High Spirits at Idaho’s Largest Caucus

Ron Paul devotees, like Mary White of Rathdrum, Idaho, turned out in strong numbers for the state's presidential caucuses Tuesday night.
Photo by Jessica Robinson Northwest News Network

BOISE, Idaho -- Super Tuesday didn’t deliver the string of decisive victories candidate Mitt Romney surely hoped for. But here in Idaho, there was no contest. Romney took more than 60 percent of the vote. He far outpaced Ron Paul, who finished second. Like Romney’s Idaho victory, the state’s first ever Republican caucus appears to have gone off without a hitch. Molly Messick has this view of how the day unfolded at the largest caucus, in Ada County.

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Election 2012
10:41 pm
Tue March 6, 2012

Latah County Voters Energized By First Ever Idaho GOP Caucus

Voters in Moscow, ID, casting their ballots Tuesday.
Photo by: Glenn Mosley Northwest News Network

Two campaign stops by GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul are being credited with energizing republican voters in the college town of Moscow, ID. They turned out in big numbers for the historic Idaho Republican Caucus.

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Ron Paul
6:42 pm
Mon March 5, 2012

Ron Paul Draws On Idaho’s Libertarian Streak On Eve Of Caucus

Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul speaks to a crowd in Sandpoint, Idaho.
Photo credit: Jessica Robinson] Northwest News Network

SANDPOINT, Idaho - Republican presidential contender Ron Paul paid a visit to north Idaho Monday on the eve of the state’s Super Tuesday caucus. Political analysts expect Mitt Romney to do well in Idaho. But Paul’s campaign say their loyal supporters could garner a good share of Idaho’s 32 delegates.

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