GMO Food Labeling
4:12 pm
Tue February 24, 2015

Idaho Lawmaker Wants National System For GMO Labels

File photo. A a resolution in the Idaho House calls for a voluntary, uniform GMO labeling program through the FDA.
Stephen D. Melkisethian Flickr

Originally published on Tue February 24, 2015 3:30 pm

An Idaho lawmaker and farmer said the state should press the federal government to establish a national labeling system for genetically engineered foods -- before states create their own.

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5:02 pm
Fri February 20, 2015

Showdown Looming Between Northwest States, Feds Over Driver's Licenses

In 2016, state-issued IDs must meet heightened security standards to board a commercial flight.
Washington Department of Licensing

Originally published on Fri February 20, 2015 4:05 pm

Washington, Oregon and Idaho are trying to figure out how to keep their state driver’s licenses from becoming obsolete in the eyes of the federal government.

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Standardized Tests
6:01 pm
Thu February 19, 2015

Idaho Bill Would Let Parents Opt Their Kids Out Of Standardized Test Requirement

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Idaho parents who don’t want their child to have to pass the state’s standardized test for graduation would be able to opt-out under a bill in the state Senate.

Students would instead be allowed to go through an alternative assessment developed by districts.

Republican Senator Steven Thayne is sponsoring the bill.

“There are some parents that are very concerned by more and more testing. And one reason we’re bringing this bill forward is we’re trying to give a voice to those parents who have concerns,” Thayne said.

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Speeding Law
4:24 pm
Wed February 18, 2015

Idaho Has Legal Loophole Big Enough To Drive A Speeding Car Through

File photo of Highway 95 in north Idaho.
Jessica Robinson Northwest News Network

Originally published on Wed February 18, 2015 4:22 pm

According to the Idaho Supreme Court, an apparent error in Idaho’s legal code could make certain highway speed limits unenforceable.

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Overdose Help
4:03 pm
Wed February 18, 2015

Idaho Bill Would Let Family, Friends Of Opioid Users Get Overdose-Countering Drug

File photo. Naloxone can reverse the effects of a painkiller or heroin overdose a few minutes.
Intropin Wikimedia

Originally published on Wed February 18, 2015 3:37 pm

A bill headed to the Idaho House would allow friends and family members of opioid drug users to obtain medication to counteract overdoses.

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Idaho Infrastructure
7:58 am
Tue February 17, 2015

Idaho Truckers Hit Potholes, Weight Limits As Lawmakers Ponder Gas Tax Increase

Cliff Irish is a trucker in Sagle, Idaho.
Jessica Robinson Northwest News Network

Originally published on Tue February 17, 2015 7:44 am

On Monday, a panel of Idaho lawmakers said the time has come to boost the gas tax to fix roads and bridges that are in disrepair. Father and son truckers Cliff and Rusty Irish have seen the problem first hand.

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Gun Rights
3:22 pm
Thu February 5, 2015

Idaho Bill Would Let People Carry Concealed Guns Without Permit

A bill in the Idaho legislature would allow gun owners to carry concealed weapons in the state without a permit.
static416 Flickr

Originally published on Thu February 5, 2015 2:56 pm

A new bill under consideration in the Idaho legislature would allow gun owners to carry concealed weapons in the state without a permit.

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Town Pronunciations
2:14 pm
Wed February 4, 2015

How Do You Say That? Idaho Edition.


Welcome to the second installment of the “How Do You Say That?” series. We started with Washington and a list of the state’s most confusing town names—the ones even Washingtonians sometimes say wrong. Next up is Idaho.

Pend Oreille

Probably one of the hardest Idaho names to say if you’re not already familiar with it is Pend Oreille. If it makes you feel any better, it’s a French name. PAWN-doh-RAY.


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Park Sponsorships
4:03 pm
Mon February 2, 2015

Idaho Parks Head Seeks Approval To Accept Corporate Sponsorships

Bruneau Dunes State Park, near Mountain Home, Idaho.
Idaho Parks and Recreation

Originally published on Mon February 2, 2015 5:43 pm

Idaho Parks and Recreation Department director David Langhorst is asking for approval to raise money for state parks through corporate sponsorships.

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Idaho Teacher Pay
6:38 am
Mon February 2, 2015

Why So Many Idaho Politicians Say It's Time To Raise Teacher Pay

St. Maries school superintendent Joseph Kren says he struggles to get enough applications for open teacher jobs.
Credit Jessica Robinson / Northwest News Network

Starting salary for Idaho teachers is lower than in Washington, Oregon, and three other surrounding states. Superintendents in Idaho border towns say that’s left them with shortages. Idaho lawmakers in both parties want to raise teacher salaries during the legislative session.

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