Western Washington will get a new telephone area code next year pending a vote of the state utilities commission. Idaho is rolling out a new area code as well. 

Idaho Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter has scheduled a press conference Monday morning to give his take on the legislative session that just ended. At the top of the list of topics is whether the governor might take executive action to expand Medicaid under a provision of Obamacare.

The process for getting a new drug approved in the U.S. takes years. If you’re very sick, it can be incredibly frustrating to learn a potential cure is out there, but may not reach the market in time to save your life.

Idaho Governor Butch Otter said he has received reassurances from the federal government about the adequacy of vetting of refugees from the war-torn Middle East.

Nutcracker's Paradise

Dec 11, 2015
Nutcracker Museum /

Idaho is known for farming, potatoes and gorgeous it can add another agreeable item to the list! A small town in the state is home to the second largest nutcracker collection in the world!  CJ Davis is nuts about nutcrackers and the owner of the private collection in Hayden, Idaho.

The Idaho Public Utilities Commission yesterday approved the change. People with the current 208 number, which has been around since 1947, will be able to keep their area code. “986” will get assigned to new phone numbers beginning in 2017.

Burgoyne Campaign

If you’re being stalked by a person who isn’t a relative or a romantic partner in Idaho, there’s not much the police can do to protect you from having contact. Civil protective orders here don’t cover stalking behavior by acquaintances or strangers.

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Hunting is a popular activity in Idaho, but it’s also a big money generator – now bringing in even more than the state’s famous potato industry.

Idaho Ranks Among States ‘Most Welcoming’ For Refugees

Sep 15, 2015

Idaho has a long history of accepting refugees. The modern era of welcoming persecuted groups began in 1975 when Governor John Evans opened the doors to Vietnamese refugees. But is Idaho still as welcoming to these groups today?

A new national study released this week indicates a shift in thinking when it comes to mental health. A majority of those surveyed say they value mental health and physical health equally. But Idaho remains one of the states with a high suicide rate, and low access to mental health care.