Russian hackers attempted to penetrate Washington and Oregon’s voter registration systems last year. Top elections officials in both states received that confirmation Friday from the Department of Homeland Security.

Could a hacker alter your voter registration to disrupt an election? According to a study by Harvard researchers out Wednesday, the answer is yes.

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Ask questions and check your credit regularly. That’s the advice the state Attorney General’s office is giving after releasing a report on data breaches. The report says nearly half-a-million Washington residents were affected by 39 reported breaches between July of last year and July of this year. Financial account information was compromised most often in those breaches. 

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South Sound Magazine is among several businesses across the country whose websites were hacked over the weekend by a group claiming to be The Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

On Saturday, the magazine's normal website was replaced with an all-black background and red letters, reading "Hacked by Islamic State."

NBC news reports that investigators initially did not believe the problems actually came from ISIS, but from hackers claiming to be that group, to get more attention.

"Hackerspaces" are popping up all over the Northwest. But these aren't dens of computer infiltrators.

What we're talking about are community workshops for tinkering, machine tooling, 3-D printing and any other hands-on creativity you can think of. Some market themselves under the more benign-sounding label of "maker space." These workshops are now drawing attention as private incubators for entrepreneurship.

But let's straighten out this name business.

Washington’s court system will hire an outside expert to perform a computer security review and audit. The move follows a hacking incident – revealed last week - that exposed nearly a hundred Social Security numbers and perhaps up to a million driver license numbers. But now there’s another cyber security concern at Washington Courts.

A hacking incident involving Washington’s court system could affect upwards of a million people. The Administrative Office of the Courts announced that hackers breached its public website sometime last fall or early this year and social security and potentially driver license numbers were accessed.