Washington and Idaho want recently furloughed federal workers to repay unemployment benefits. But a quirk in Oregon law means affected workers in Oregon will get to keep whatever they received.

From Crater Lake to Mt. Rainier, visitors wasted no time returning to the Northwest’s national parks and monuments.

National Guard members in the Northwest will get the chance to make up the training they missed during the partial government shutdown.

The partial government shut down may be over. But the impacts are still being felt. One casualty has been the start of the Alaska king crab season.

A lot of Northwest fishermen earn part of their living from that catch, and they're still sitting in port without pay Thursday .

Right now, the crew of the crab boat Handler would usually:

"Be making bait this morning, getting ready to set our gear. Getting ready to do fishing. That’s what we do. Now we’ve just come out here to sit?"

Even if the federal government re-opens immediately, some people in the Northwest fear they’re still going to feel the effects of the partial shutdown.

Furloughed EPA Workers Anxious to Return to Work

Oct 16, 2013

A deal is in the works today for Congress to end the partial government shutdown. If it goes through, hundreds of thousands of furloughed federal employees could be back at work as early as tomorrow.

Jelson25 / Wikipedia

For federal employees it’s payday Tuesday, but because of the partial government shutdown thousands of federal employees are getting a reduced paycheck. Among them air traffic controllers at Sea-Tac airport who are getting paid about half of what they would normally get.

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Timber companies filed a lawsuit Monday against the federal government. They claim there is no legal reason to suspend logging during the partial government shutdown.

U.S. Forest Service

Loggers are packing up and leaving timber sales uncut across the Northwest. It's another effect of the partial government shutdown. Timber companies say even if a deal is reached soon at the nation's capitol, the effects from the logging hiatus could be felt all the way into next spring.

Oregon State University

An Oregon State University research vessel is continuing its federally funded mission even though the federal government is shutdown.