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Voter Turnout
4:45 pm
Mon November 10, 2014

Washington Voter Turnout Appears At 36-Year Low

Voter turnout this year in the state of Washington was 54 percent, making it one of the lowest turnouts since 1978.
Credit Washington Secretary of State

Voter turnout in Washington was not just low this year – it could be a 36 year low.

Not since 1978 has such a small percentage of registered voters participated in a Washington election. 1978 was the year Washington voters approved a ban on mandatory busing. That year, just 52 percent of registered voters cast a ballot. Turnout this year is barely on track to beat that at 54 percent. That’s eight points lower than Secretary of State Kim Wyman projected back in September.

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Get Out The Vote
7:28 am
Tue November 4, 2014

Psychology At Work In Get-Out-The-Vote Political Mailers

Credit Ian Westcott / Flickr

We know dogs love to get praise, but don’t like to be shamed. Turns out, voters are kind of similar. That’s why get-out-the-vote efforts these days often include a bit of psychology.

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