gas prices

Kristen Steele / Flickr

If you’re at the Seattle Mariner’s game Monday afternoon you might run into some folks with clipboards. They’re gathering signatures for a new initiative for 2016 that would tax carbon emissions.

Gas prices have plummeted, but Washington’s gas tax could soon go up.

Gas Prices Dip Below $2 At Some Northwest Stations

Dec 23, 2014

According to AAA, the last three months have been the longest stretch of declining gas prices they’ve ever recorded in the U.S.

Northwest Gas Prices Among Nation's Highest

Aug 29, 2014 / Flickr

Northwest drivers plan to hit the roads this holiday weekend despite paying some of the highest gas prices in the nation. That's according to Triple A.

Kristen Steele / Flickr

This year Americans will see the highest Fourth of July gas prices they've seen in the last six years. That's according to AAA . And as bad as it sounds, for Northwest drivers it even gets a little worse.