Free Speech

Friday classes have been canceled at The Evergreen State College, making for two days of missed education after the campus near Olympia was abruptly closed and swarmed by police due to a telephoned threat.

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The Lane County Board of Commissioners Wednesday voted to close the free speech area in Eugene where protestors have been camped since mid August. Last week the county health officer said the encampment is a public health risk.

Oregon's highest court is taking up the question of whether the state can restrict protests in front of the capitol. The case stems from a 2008 anti-war rally that resulted in arrests after protesters refused to leave the grounds overnight.

Justices heard arguments Thursday.

Michele Darr spent night after winter night on the front steps of the Oregon capitol in December of 2008. "It was difficult," she says. "It was cold. It was uncomfortable."

Federal Court Considers Controversial NW Bus Ad

Oct 4, 2012
Photo by Jessica Robinson / Northwest News Network

The question of how free speech applies to the side of buses is before a panel of federal judges. Members of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments Wednesday in a special meeting in Spokane. The case stems from a controversial ad on Seattle buses but has implications for transit systems around the Northwest. Correspondent Jessica Robinson reports.

Photo Credit: Chris Lehman

The Chinese government is playing the role of art critic in Corvallis. A giant mural there depicts a Tibetan monk setting himself on fire.

Idaho Case Shows Limits Of Anonymous Comments Online

Jul 12, 2012

Online free speech experts say people who like to post fiery comments on the internet should take heed of a north Idaho case. A judge said this week that the right to remain anonymous does not extend to internet comments that insinuate someone committed a crime. Correspondent Jessica Robinson has more.

Washington voters find it hard to determine if political campaign ads are accurate, according to a survey by the AARP of Washington. Paige Browning reports, the organization hosted an event in Spokane Thursday to share the results and educate their members.