environmental regulations

Oil Train Regulation
7:37 am
Thu February 19, 2015

West Virginia Oil Train Derailment Has Northwest Lawmakers Thinking About Safety

Credit Tony Schick / EarthFix

This week’s fiery oil train derailment in West Virginia has lawmakers thinking about oil-by-rail safety through the Northwest. There has been a dramatic increase in oil trains traveling through the region to reach West coast refineries.

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Water Protection
5:18 pm
Fri January 30, 2015

Feds Rule Oregon Not Protecting Coastal Waters From Logging

The Environmental Protection Agency told Oregon it needed to tighten regulations on its coastal water pollution plan.
Credit Anne Swoboda / Flickr

Federal regulators said Oregon is not doing enough to protect water quality in coastal areas. A ruling Friday could end up costing the state millions.

More than fifteen years ago, the Environmental Protection Agency told Oregon it needed to tighten regulations on nonpoint source, or runoff-related, pollution. Some changes happened, but not enough. Federal officials said Oregon’s logging rules still don’t do enough to protect fish habitat and drinking water.

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Oil Tanker Regulations
7:07 am
Tue December 30, 2014

25 Years After Exxon Valdez, U.S. Mandates Double-Hull Oil Tankers

The Exxon Valdez, then called the Oriental Nicety, anchored some six nautical miles off India in 2012.
Credit Associated Press

Oil tankers bring about 15 million gallons of oil every day into Washington state. Starting January 1, those ships are required to have double hulls to reduce the risk of an oil spill. The change has been in the works for decades.

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Seattle Compost
6:05 pm
Thu July 24, 2014

Seattle Considers Fining Residents For Failure To Compost

Seattle officials are proposing a new rule that would make curbside composting mandatory and enforceable.
Credit normanack / Flickr

A growing number of cities in the Northwest – including Seattle and Portland – give residents the option of putting household food waste in a curbside compost bin. But in a push to boost recycling rates, the city of Seattle is rethinking the optional part.

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