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New Oregon Governor
5:15 pm
Fri February 20, 2015

New Oregon Governor Continues Moratorium On Executions

Oregon Governor Kate Brown will continue a moratorium on carrying out the death penalty in the state.
Alan Sylvestre OPB

Originally published on Fri February 20, 2015 4:23 pm

Oregon's new governor Kate Brown said she'll continue a moratorium on carrying out the death penalty.

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Oregon Death Penalty
4:49 pm
Thu June 19, 2014

Oregon Supreme Court Upholds Death Penalty Case

Oregon's Supreme Court has upheld the death penalty in a case involving the 2004 murder of an African immigrant.
Credit Courtesy Oregon DOC

Oregon's Supreme Court has upheld the death penalty in a case involving the 2004 murder of an African immigrant. The ruling comes as capital punishment faces increased scrutiny nationwide after a botched execution by lethal injection in Oklahoma.

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Death Penalty
4:37 pm
Wed March 19, 2014

Report: Hard To Pin Down Death Penalty Costs In Idaho

Idaho’s execution chamber.
Credit Idaho Dept. of Correction

Death penalty cases take longer to work through Idaho's court system, but it's hard to put a dollar figure on the extra expense. That's according to a new report released Wednesday. As Jessica Robinson reports, it's unlikely to prompt any drastic changes in Idaho's policy on capital punishment.

Two recent executions in Idaho after a 17-year pause made lawmakers want to get more information on how much capital punishment costs the state. The legislature’s Office of Performance Evaluations has now come back with an answer: hard to say.

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Capital Punishment
5:32 pm
Wed January 29, 2014

Execution Witnesses In Washington To See Needle Insertion

File photo of the execution chamber at San Quentin. A camera in the execution chamber at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla will record more of more of the execution process.
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

Originally published on Wed January 29, 2014 6:02 pm

The next time a death row inmate is executed by lethal injection in Washington state, witnesses will see more of the process.

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NWPR Books
11:06 am
Thu September 19, 2013

Years After Historic Ruling, Execution Still A 'Random' Justice

Execution witness Don Reid stands in the death chamber of the Texas State Penitentiary on July 31, 1972, where he officially watched 189 men die in the heavy oak electric chair. The Supreme Court struck down capital punishment on June 29 of that year.

Originally published on Thu September 19, 2013 12:44 pm

In the mid-1970s, Arkansas' electric chair was being used by the prison barber to cut hair, and the execution chamber in New Hampshire was being used to store vegetables. That's because in 1972, the U.S. Supreme Court shocked the nation by striking down Georgia's death penalty law, effectively ending executions in the United States. But the decision provoked a strong backlash among those who favored the death penalty, and within four years the high court reversed course and issued a set of rulings that would permit the resumption of executions.

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Gary Haugen
4:09 pm
Thu June 20, 2013

Kitzhaber Scores Legal Victory Over Death Row Inmate

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber has scored a major legal victory in a case that pits him against a death row inmate who wants to be executed. The Oregon Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the governor does have the right to spare Gary Haugen's life.

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Yates Death Penalty
7:03 am
Fri March 15, 2013

No Mercy For Serial Killer Yates By State High Court

Washington State high court justices have brushed aside a long list of legal objections raised by Spokane multiple murderer Robert Yates in his effort to escape the death penalty. Spokane Public Radio's Tom Bacon reports.

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Death Penalty Reprieve
4:14 pm
Thu March 14, 2013

Oregon High Court Hears Haugen Vs. Kitzhaber

Gary Haugen
Credit Oregon Department of Corrections

EUGENE, Ore. – The Oregon Supreme Court Thursday heard arguments in a case that pits a death row inmate against Governor John Kitzhaber. An attorney for Gary Haugen argued that the two-time murderer has the right to reject a reprieve from the death penalty issued by the governor.

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Death Penalty Reprieve
5:09 pm
Wed March 13, 2013

Oregon Supreme Court Takes Up Haugen's Request To Die

Oregon Department of Corrections

Originally published on Wed March 13, 2013 4:59 pm

The Oregon Supreme Court is set to hear arguments Thursday in a case involving a death row inmate who wants to die. Two-time murderer Gary Haugen is trying to reject a reprieve issued by Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber.

It's definitely an unusual situation. Normally you'd expect people on death row to be happy about having their execution delayed. But Haugen had dropped all of his appeals and was actually trying to be executed. He repeatedly told judges that he was ready. And the courts ruled him competent to make that decision.

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Death Penalty Bill
4:37 pm
Wed March 6, 2013

House Committee Takes No Action On Death Penalty Bill

A House Committee in Olympia took no action Wednesday on a bill that would eliminate the death penalty and replace it with a sentence of life without parole.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

 A House Committee in Olympia took no action Wednesday morning on a bill that would eliminate the death penalty and replace it with a sentence of life without parole.

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