From Table To Truck: How Food Waste Could Run Your Car

Nov 19, 2014
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Remember that last scene in Back to the Future?

“Marty you’ve got to come with me,” Doc said.
“Where?” Marty said.
“Back to the future,” Doc said.

Doc tears into Marty’s driveway in the DeLorean time machine and raids the trash can.

“I need fuel,” he said.

He puts some banana peels and the remains of a half-empty beer can into the fuel tank and tells Marty to get in the car. Back in 1985, using food waste for fuel seemed about as far off as flying cars. But now, it’s reality. Welcome to the future.

Curbside Composting: No One Said It Would Be Easy

Nov 18, 2014
Katie Campbell / EarthFix

Portland and Seattle are working to reduce the environmental impacts of food waste by offering curbside composting. But no one said it would be easy. Here's what the cities are doing to get people to put the right things in the compost bin.

How Northwest Cities Are Reducing The Impacts Of Food Waste

Nov 17, 2014
szczel / Flickr

In the U.S., we waste about 40 percent of all of the food we produce. A lot of that food winds up rotting in landfills and releasing air pollution. But many cities are trying to turn it into something more valuable and less harmful to the environment.