Corinna Nicolaou

If you're looking for a pet, you may be considering adopting one from your local animal shelter. When Northwest Public Radio’s commentator, Corinna Nicolaou decided to get a dog, she did just that. She was hoping for instant love, but discovered something more complicated.  

  Growing up, NWPR commentator Corinna Nicolaou loved CB radio. She and her childhood friend loved to pretend they were truckers driving across the country. But when she finally took a cross-country trip with that friend, she learned what it takes to earn your CB handle.

Talking with Fido

Jul 11, 2013

A Border Collie named Chaser understands far more words than the usual “sit,” “stay” and “down” that most of us teach our dogs. Trained by retired psychology Professor, Dr. John Pilley, Chaser has demonstrated comprehension of over 1,000 words.  Whether your dog is a latent genius or not remains to be seen, but the subject of language acquisition in canines has sparked the curiosity of a number of people including Dr. Kirsten Peters, the Roc Doc.

May is Motorcycle Safety Month, and you'll hear how NWPR commentator Corinna Nicolaou got her first motorbike at 11. But Corinna learned that wearing a helmet doesn't keep you from getting hurt.

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Jan 18, 2013

You may have heard or read about ‘Nones.’ Not the type that live in convents. We’re talking about N-O-N-E, that is, the people who answer questionnaires about religious affiliation with 'none'. Though Nones may not have a religion, they wonder about God. Who, or what is God?  Northwest Public Radio commentator Corinna Nicolaou is searching for answers, but is having a hard time deciding where to start.

Border Collies are consistently named the most intelligent of all dogs. Is their intelligence simply a matter of nature, or is there some nurture involved as well? Dr. Kirsten Peters wonders about the answer.

A look at the roots of the violence erupting in the Arab world in a commentary from Lawrence Pintak, the founding dean of the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at WSU and a leading Middle East scholar.


Sep 14, 2012

You know that saying, “No regrets?” It seems like a good way to live. But  NWPR commentator Corinna Nicolaou, says it’s not for her. She would rather keep all those regrets close by.

You can read more of Corinna's commentary at her blog.

What A Drag

Jul 27, 2012
Photo courtesy Washington State University

I swim laps at noon several times a week. I enjoy the water, and the gentle exercise is good for my aging joints.

Like other old ladies in the pool, I’m no speed demon. Even a bucketful of performance enhancing drugs would not make me slice through the water quickly. But like all the lap swimmers I know, slow or fast, I take an interest in Michael Phelps and the other American swimmers soon to compete in London in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Corinna Nicolaou / Northwest Public Radio

When you were a kid, did you sneak candies and hide the wrappers so your parents wouldn't find the evidence? Commentator Corinna Nicolaou did too. As we head into the 4th of July weekend here's a story of rebellion, and the sweet land of liberty, as a child sees it.

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