colville tribe

The Colville Tribe has convinced the Army Corps of Engineers to help keep a daily ferry crossing the Columbia River in northeast Washington state this spring.

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Northwest tribes continue to show support for the Standing Rock Sioux Indians and their opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline. Over the weekend, the Confederated Tribes of the Colville delivered hand-smoked salmon and firewood to North Dakota. 

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The last member of the Sinixt tribe in Canada passed away in 1953. The Canadian government deemed the tribe “extinct” and reclaimed their land. But a case against a Washington man in a British Columbia Court that begins today could bring the tribe back to life. 

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Members of the Colville tribes are grieving after learning of the death of tribal chairman Jim Boyd. Boyd was also a noted singer/songwriter.

The fastest land mammal in North America is again running free in north central Washington after a long absence. In late January, the Colville Tribes relocated 52 pronghorn antelope onto their reservation as part of a reintroduction effort.

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This wildfire season has hit northwest tribal lands particularly hard. Firefighters’ first priority is “life and property.” But some tribal members wonder why protecting some kinds of property—like farms and even second homes— comes before tribal forest land.