Pumpkins Ripen Early In Record-breaking Summer Heat

Sep 15, 2015
Linda Weiford / WSU News

Halloween is still a month and a half away, but pumpkins began turning orange in August. Chalk it up to Washington state’s hottest summer on record.

The Hottest Place In Washington State

Sep 14, 2015
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This summer in Washington State was its hottest on record this year. And the hottest place in the state? The Tri-Cities - Kennewick, Pasco and Richland. Temperatures there were 100 degrees for 22 days, and even hit a blistering 113 in June.

All signs are pointing to a strong El Niño developing by this fall according to an update from the National Weather Service Thursday.

Northern Lights Might Be Visible In the Northwest

Sep 12, 2014

The Northwest could get a a rare look at the northern lights tonight and tomorrow.

The Aurora Borealis is expected to expand further south than usual, thanks to two solar flares affecting the magnetic poles. They'll help make the greenish lights visible.

NOAA Climate Prediction Center

The supercomputers at the Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center have crunched long-term trends to produce an outlook for June, July and August. For most of the Northwest, the forecast gives a strong probability of above-normal temperatures. 


New research from the University of Washington provides detailed predictions for the collapse of the Thwaites glacier in West Antarctica. When that glacier melts, it could trigger even more extreme sea level rise than scientists previously thought. Ashley Ahearn reports for EarthFix.

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If the Northwest continues to operate dams as it does now, the region could be left with 20 percent less hydropower by 2080.

Austin Jenkins / Northwest News Network

There’s a lot of debate these days about unlimited money in politics - and whether it corrupts the process. But does it matter who’s giving the money? And what their motivation is? In Washington state, Governor Jay Inslee has found a wealthy partner in his fight to combat global climate change. He’s California hedge fund founder Tom Steyer – a man the L.A. Times says may be the “liberals’ answer” to the conservative billionaire Koch brothers. Olympia Correspondent Austin Jenkins reports on Inslee’s connection to this out-of-state billionaire.

Pollution in Asia can influence weather over much of the world. Those are the findings from a new climate study from northwest researchers, who teamed up with researchers from Texas.

Megaloads Opponents Seek More Public Input

Apr 4, 2014
Jessica Robinson / Northwest News Network

The latest dispute over whether huge megaload trucks should be allowed on Northwest roads is currently in Oregon. Opponents of the massive big-rigs are taking their objections to court.

Courtney Flatt

Ice climbers are a lot like snowboarders and skiers – they count on winter weather to create the right conditions for their sport. But here’s a big difference: mountain resorts can manufacture snow; no one has invented a machine to freeze waterfalls. And as winter temperatures rise, outdoor recreationalists worry that climate change could threaten some ice climbing destinations.

The dinosaurs were killed during the Fifth Extinction — which scientists suspect was caused by an asteroid. Now, we are living through an epoch that many scientists describe as the Sixth Extinction, and this time, human activity is the culprit. As one scientist put it: We're the asteroid.

Elizabeth Kolbert is the author of the new book The Sixth Extinction. It begins with a history of the "big five" extinctions of the past, and goes on to explain how human behavior is creating a sixth one — including our use of fossil fuels and the effects of climate change.

Northwest farmers call him “the weather man.” And at a farming conference in Spokane, he offered a reason for them to be optimistic about the upcoming season.

The Secretary of the Interior visited Mt. Rainier National Park on Monday on the heels of President Obama’s latest State of the Union Address. In it, the President acknowledged that climate change is a fact.

In 2008, as scientists documented a record melt in the Arctic ice and Al Gore's film An Inconvenient Truth was in theaters, a half dozen major investment houses launched mutual funds designed to take advantage of financial opportunities offered by climate change.

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Two young Eugene women had their day in court Thursday in a lawsuit asking the state of Oregon to do more to prevent climate change. A three judge panel of the Oregon Court of Appeals heard arguments at the University of Oregon Law School in Eugene.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has been dealt a setback in his campaign to reduce carbon emissions.

What do Idaho potato farmers and Puget Sound tribes that rely on shellfish have in common? They’re people in the Northwest who will be impacted by climate change, according to a new report led by Oregon State University and the University of Washington.

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber and Washington Governor Jay Inslee set ambitious goals when they signed a regional climate change agreement last week, Monday, 10/28 with the leaders of California and British Columbia. But the governors alone can't reach those goals without their state legislatures.

How Climate Change Could Affect Hazardous Waste Sites

Nov 4, 2013

The Obama Administration Friday rolled out strategies to deal with the effects of climate change -- and federal agencies are doing the same.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee will soon help advise the White House on how to respond to the effects of climate change. President Barack Obama Friday appointed Inslee to a task force that includes governors, mayors and tribal officials.

Joe Mabel / Wikimedia Commons

Governors John Kitzhaber of Oregon and Jay Inslee of Washington joined Gov. Jerry Brown of California and British Columbia Premier Christy Clark at a news conference in San Francisco. Together, they announced a shared set of goals for reducing carbon emissions in the region.


The Governors of Washington and Oregon will travel to California on Monday to announce a new regional pact to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Premier of British Columbia will also be there.

Oregon Business Leaders Discuss Climate Change

Oct 16, 2013

Leaders from Nike, Intel and the Portland Trail Blazers discussed at a conference in Portland Tuesday what businesses can do to respond to climate change.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has laid out his wish list for how he'd like the state to combat global warming pollution.

Portland's Multnomah County today released a plan for responding to the health impacts of climate change.

Wildfires Two-Way

Oct 3, 2013
Xu Yue, Harvard University

When we think about climate change, we often think about the health of the entire planet. But it could also bring new health risks to people in the Pacific Northwest. That issue was raised just last week by the Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy. She was speaking to the National Press Club about the agency’s plan for regulations that would restrict carbon emissions from new power plants.

McCarthy: “Climate change – caused by carbon pollution – is one of the most significant public health threats of our time.”

Geoff Norcross from our partner station OPB spoke with reporter Katie Campbell about one of the health threats associated with climate change. 

Cities Face Higher Health Risks In Heat Islands

Oct 2, 2013
Cassandra Profita

Climate change models are predicting hotter summers in the Northwest. And experts say the health risks from that heat are higher in places known as urban heat islands.

Katie Campbell

Every year, during the warmer months, blooms of algae dot Northwestern waters. Some of that algae can release toxins, which poison shellfish and the people who might eat those shellfish. In recent years, toxic algal blooms have been more potent and lasted longer. That has scientists trying to understand how our warming climate could be contributing to the problem.

Courtney Flatt

If you work outdoors in the summertime, you’d better learn to take the heat. That's true for people who repair roads, landscape yards, or build houses. Too much exertion and not enough shade or water, and you could get sick.