Author Interview

Author Interview
5:56 am
Tue October 29, 2013

New Book Studies Atomic Cities Of Richland, Wash. And Ozersk, Russia

Kate Brown says people who lived in Richland and Ozersk during the plutonium production days remember both towns as delightful places to live.
Anna King

In southeast Washington, and in southern Russia there are two atomic cities a world apart but with surprising similarities. The new book “Plutopia” studies the cities of Richland, Washington and Ozersk, Russia. Both places made plutonium for nuclear bombs. And both sprung up from desolate places during WWII and the Cold War.

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NWPR Books
9:48 am
Wed June 19, 2013

Inside The Mind Of A Sociopath

Confessions of a Sociopath is written under the pen name of M.E. Thomas.
Random House

What exactly is a sociopath? Many people might think of killers, criminals, the cruel and heartless, Jack Nicholson's character in The Shining.

That's the common wisdom. But it's being challenged by a new memoir, Confessions of a Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding in Plain Sight. It's written under the pen name of M.E. Thomas. The author says most sociopaths are not incarcerated — and the silent majority of them live freely and anonymously. They're your neighbors, colleagues, maybe even family members and lovers.

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