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The #1 listened-to public radio entertainment radio show in the world.

A Prairie Home Companion is a two-hour weekly variety show broadcast live from the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota and other locations in the U.S. and around the world.

The show offers a quirky blend of comedy sketches, topical subjects and music. Musical guests range from legends like Emmylou Harris and Taj Mahal to church choirs, rockabilly bands, and accordionists. Special theme shows include the popular "Joke Show" and the "Talent from Towns Under 2,000" show. The show has also welcomed artists including Poet Laureate Billy Collins and humorists Ray Blount, Jr. and Al Franken, as well as legendary raconteur Studs Terkel.

"A Prairie Home Companion has become a neighborhood of the air, an answer to an American desire to fence off a small portion of the cultural landscape as a refuge from the coarseness, cynicism and irony that are postmodern life."-- The Washington Post

At the heart of the show is host Garrison Keillor's humor-writing talent and unrivaled ear for great radio. He's the creator of hilarious skits like the weekly adventures of "Guy Noir, Radio Private Eye" and "The Catchup Advisory Board," and of course the stories from "the town that time forgot and the decades cannot improve" in Keillor's signature monologue, "The News from Lake Wobegon." Regular performers include the radio acting company of Tim Russell, and Sue Scott, with Tom Keith, and Fred Newman on Sound Effects. The Guys' All Star Shoe Band is A Prairie Home Companion's house band, and is led by pianist Rich Dworsky.

Over the past 30 years, A Prairie Home Companion has won the hearts of the public radio audience. At live broadcasts, the crowd is filled with gen x'ers along with their parents and grandparents. Garrison Keillor, who frequently signs autographs for hours after shows, has a large and loyal following across the country.

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For 42 years, Garrison Keillor has been delighting us all with his weekly stores, jokes, and music on A Prairie Home Companion. And this Saturday, he joins us one last time for a duet singing show from the Hollywood Bowl, the Royal Academy of Radio Actors, and one last update on the News from Lake Wobegon

Join us on Saturday, July 2 at 3:00 PM for the 2-hour broadcast from the Hollywood Bowl, on the NPR News Service of Northwest Public Radio.

Travel With Garrison Keillor: The Gig Of A Lifetime

Jul 18, 2012

Republished from WSUNews

Band members were grinning as their raucous beer medley swung its way around the audience seated in the St. Louis Fox Theatre. Polka music flirted and twirled. Fiddle player Richard Kriehn raised his violin to take a solo, but in that moment, his bow slipped and snagged itself on the violin microphone. With four million listeners also tuned in via National Public Radio, crunching and screeching filled the air as Kriehn struggled to pry the bow loose.