Inland Folk with Dan Maher

Saturday from 11am-2pm, on the NPR & Classical Music stations of NWPR

Inland Folk with Dan Maher is an eclectic program of local and national folk music with a thirty year tradition in the Northwest.

Inland Folk actually began on Spokane Public Radio and Dan rode a bus from Pullman to Spokane every few weeks to produce two or three programs at a time. He hauled a variety of music on those trips. For many years now, Dan has recorded the program in Pullman. He is his own producer, editor, engineer and host – and his audience loves what he does. He also performs music all over the Northwest and works full-time for Washington State University Student Involvement.

The program has expanded from a one-hour show to the three hours of folk music it is today. Inland Folk still airs on Spokane Public Radio as well. Dan volunteers his time to help both Spokane Public Radio and Northwest Public Radio during fund drives. He has asked for pledges on the air, performed live for hours and offered free concerts as incentives for financial support. Dan is himself a supporter of both Northwest Public Radio and sister station KWSU/KTNW Public TV.

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Inland Folk
11:28 am
Wed January 7, 2015

Inland Folk Show Archive - 2015

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January 10, 2015  Full Show

January 17, 2015  Full Show

January 24, 2015  Full Show

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